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Befouled Animal Pelt Tradeskill Recipes for 300 - 350

Befouled Animal Pelts are one of the highest level Cultural Pelts in the game and they began dropping during the Rain of Fear expansion pack. Unlike most of the previous Cultural Tradeskill materials these pelts have a low chance (about 5 - 10%) of dropping off many humanoid/undead enemy in RoF or later.

Those of you out there looking to farm Befouled Animal Pelts can do so in basically all Rain of Fear zones! Shard's Landing will have the weakest and most dense amount of enemies; the Underground City camp will be a gold mind of Cultural TS Materials! The next best places are Grelleth's Palace, Valley of King Xorbb and finally Chelsith Reborn.


Tailoring Befouled Animal Pelt Recipes (5 Recipes)

Befouled Hilt Wrap

Regal Infused Razor-Tipped Whip

Regal Infused Spiked Cudgel

Regal Uninfused Razor-Tipped Whip

Regal Uninfused Spiked Cudgel






















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