Lodizal Shell Shield (Cobalt Scar & Iceclad Ocean)

 For this quest you'll need to defeat Lodizal, a pretty powerful named for this era (on TLP servers he has Mitigation of the Mighty) and loot Section of Lodizal's Shell. Take this item to Bungre Crawcrusher in Cobalt Scar and hand it to him with 1,000 plat which'll get him to fashion you the Lodizal Shell Shield.

To star you'll need to travel to Iceclad ocean which you can reach either through Wizard/Druid portal or by boat from North Ro. Once you arrive you'll need to head to the Tower of Frozen Shadow which is in the northwestern portion of the zone.

You'll need to take out Lodizal who is found just east of the Tower of Frozen Shadow in Iceclad Ocean. He's a huge turtle (shown in my screen shot below) and nearly impossible to miss. He has a pretty small pathing radius which I also show on the map a bit further down the page.

As you can see from the map above, Lodizal is usually found patrol a wee bit southeast of the Tower of Frozen Shadow. For the purposes of this quest the only item we're after from Lodizal is Section of Lodizal's Shell (shown in the screen shot below) but he also drops a ton of other useful loot.

Lodizal Loot Drops: Belt of the Great Turtle, Club of the Ice Ocean, Knotted Turtlebone Ring, Lodizal Shell Boots, Section of Lodizal's Shell, Fourth part of an Iceclad Map

With the Section of Lodizal's Shell in hand head on over to Bungre Crawcrusher (shown in the first screen shots on the page) and hand him the Section of Lodizal's Shell as well as 1000pp. In return he'll give you the Lodizal Shell Shield!

The shield can be traded to other players so it can be sold in The Bazaar if desired - the choice is yours! It's one of the better items leading up to PoP with Enduring Breath on it so it'll net you a decent chunk of change if you do decide to sell it off.