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Rank 2 and 3 Spells in Rain of Fear

           Getting your Rank 2 and 3 Spells in the Rain of Fear expansion requires you to collect Dreadmotes (Tier 2) or Terrormotes (Tier 3). You can find Dreadmotes off of named enemies throughout the expansion pack; unlike previous expansion packs they do not drop off regular mob kills. Nameds only.

           The Terrormotes come from raid chests or from dragons that you kill in the Corrupted Temple of Veeshan revamp. Depending on what level spell you want you'll need a specific spell rune. In the screen shots above you can see the different types of spell runes. Here is a better format for showing you what Spell Rune is for what level spell:

Glowing (Level 100 Spells)

Greater (Level 99 Spells)

Median (Level 98 Spells)

Lesser (Level 97 Spells)

Minor (Level 96 Spells)

           Once you have one of these in hand you'll want to head over to Shard's Landing. The fastest way here is through the Guild Hall. After you arrive head over to Tomekeeper Kerkaz who is also pictured above and hail him. You'll get the following dialogue which is screen shotted below.

           Pick whichever of the two you'd like and then a task window will pop up on you. This is shown in the screen shot below. Basically you just select the task that corresponds to your current Dreadmote or Terrormote. For the purposes of this guide I chose Glowing Dreadmote.

           Now we're on the final step! After you accept the task you'll want to hand the Dreadmote/Terrormote to Tomekeeper Kerkaz and he'll then present you with a list of rewards which you can find below. If you hand in a higher level than minor dreadmote or terrormote you'll also be able to convert it down to a lower level version than what you handed to him.

           Otherwise the only other rewards available to you will be getting the item you handed to him back or the Rk. II or Rk. III spells you wanted.











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