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Snokin Breaksteel GoD Smithing Quests

Snokin BreaksteelSnokin Breaksteel Map Location

           The NPC we need to find for the GoD Smithing Tradeskill quest is Snokin Breaksteel. He's found in a building that's on the northwestern end of the boat's deck. If you're familiar with where the Tradeskill NPCs are that sell the scribeable books - he's found right across from them.

           Snokin's location is circled on my map above for anyone still confused. If you haven't already done one of these GoD TS quests they're insanely simple. Basically all you need to do is hail the NPC and follow through with his dialogue and craft 100 of each item he tells you to craft.

Simple Stud

           The first item you have to craft for Snokin is a Simple Stud. The nearest forge is in the northern portion of Snokin's building so you don't have to travel very far at all. Those of you unfamiliar with Tradeskills and their most recent updates - you only have to do 1 experimental combine now. The rest of the combines (once you know the recipe) can be done by using the Make All button.

Simple Ring

           After you make all the Simple Studs you need the next item you need to make is Simple Rings. Repeat the same process running back and forth between the forge and NPC once again - don't forget you can just hand him your entire stack of items now; EQ traders is wrong you don't have to do single turn ins.

Simple Chisel

           Finish the Simple Rings move on to Simple Chisel. Then once you're done Simple Chisel it's on to the final item, Simple File.

Simple File

           Once you're done making 100 of each item and turning them all into Snokin be sure to say 'recipes' to him to get your true reward for completing this quest. The recipes received are shown in the screen shot below.

Blacksmithing Recipes



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