Plane of War: Field of Strife Flag

           In order to gain access to the Field of Strife and Mines of Narikor in the Plane of War you will first need to complete a quest given to you by the flying Sphinx named Etsinthinikonarifet. This NPC can be found standing on the bridge just north of the Field of Strife. Unlike most of the newer quests in EQ, this quest does not appear as a task in your Quest Log. Instead, you'll have to keep track of where you are on the quest similar to the old Epic Weapon quests.

Below is a brief summary of each step for those of you who already know the quest and just need a run down of each step in order. If you've never done this quest before then keep on scrolling down for more information about how and where you can complete each step.

Summary of Each Step:

1. Hail Etsinthinikonarifet in Plane of War and say tithe
2. Say Za`ye`na`ekk and Ets`in`thini`konar`ifet to Zayenaekk in Plane of Justice
3. Raise Ogre to 90 then say Speak to Zayenaekk to Murdunk in the Korascian Warrens
4. Travel to Plane of Earth and pick up the sword near Tantisala Jaggedtooth's spawn (central portion of zone)
5. Return the sword to Murdunk
8. Use the key given to you to open the chamber in Toskirakk
9. Say I seek the blessing of your sister to Zayenaekk in Toskirakk
10. Craft or purchase a Stonewood Compound Bow
11. Combine the Stonewood Compound Bow and a Zekarian Diamond from Plane of War in a Fletching Kit & turn the result into Etsinthinikonarifet

The first thing we need to do for this quest is travel to Plane of Justice. Once there you'll want to speak with Zayenaekk who is found in a jail cell in the central portion of the zone. A piece of advice, make sure you don't get too close to him incase he scowls at you ready to attack. If he does - a single Riposte might kill him which means you'll need to wait for the respawn! =(

Copy and paste this to say to Zayenaekk: Say Za`ye`na`ekk and Ets`in`thini`konar`ifet to Zayenaekk in Plane of Justice

Zayenaekk Plane of Justice Map Location.

After receiving both Character Flags from Zayenaekk you're going to want to travel to Korascian Warrens, a zone in the Seeds of Destruction (SoD) expansion pack. In order to complete the next part of the task you'll need to raise your skill in the Ogre language to at least 90, otherwise Murdunk won't understand you and will tell you to F off. The fastest way to raise your language is to make a macro, will all 5 lines with /g asasfas and spam it over and over while grouped with either your Mercenary or another player. If you can get the other player to spam too you'll raise your skill twice as fast!

Once you're done raising Ogre and in Korascian Warrens you'll want to speak with Murdunk, an Ogre NPC in the northern portion of the zone nearby the Rathe Council Chambers zone line. The location of this NPC is shown on my map below.

Note: If you are doing this quest on 3 or more characters drop your Campfire at this location to cut out some running.

Left: Murdunk's Location in Korascian Warrens - Right: Murdunk's Sword's Location in PoEarth. Click to enlarge.

Murdunk asks you to retrieve his sword from Plane of Earth, which is our next stop. You'll find Murdunk's Sword in the central portion of Plane of Earth. From where you zone in run south through the large open field until you come across the building on the southern end. In the final room of this building, the same room that connects the top and bottom part of PoEarth you'll find Murdunk's Sword.

Fair warning about this sword, it's so big that it won't fit into virtually any bag in your inventory. If you're a packrat and you like carrying around a bunch of crap you should stop at a bank first and unload some of it. You'll need at least 1 free inventory slot to carry this sword in. After you've obtained it head on back to Murdunk in Korascian Warrens.

Giving the sword back to Murdunk will get you the Sphinx Chamber Key which you will use in Toskirakk to speak with this Zayenaekk. You will find this Zayenaekk in the upper portion of Toskirakk, in the northern location of the zone you will find a passage way that takes you up to the second floor. Use the map below if you need some extra guidance.

On the second floor of Toskirakk you will want to travel to the southwest which is where you will find the room with Zayenaekk. Click on the door and you'll be teleported into the room and then speak with Zayenaekk inside.

Copy and Paste to Zayenaekk: Say I seek the blessing of your sister

You'll be rewarded with a book that will teach you how to make a Zekarian Stonewood Compound Bow, the last item we need for gaining access to the rest of Plane of War. In order to make the bow you'll need to collect the following items:

Stonewood Compound Bow (PoP Recipe) (Allakhazam) (EqTraders)
Zekarian Diamond (Drop from nameds/random mobs in northern Plane of War)

Once you've acquired both of these items combine them together in a Fletching Kit to make the Zekarian Stonewood Compound Bow. Then turn that into Etsinthinikonarifet in Plane of War. If you can't find the bow for sale on your server, you'll have to farm Planes of Power for most of the materials to make it - you'll also need to level Fletching up significantly so you don't fail the combine.



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