Plane of Sky Keying Guide

           I always see people asking in guild chat about sky keys, what order, how do you get them etc etc. Well, I'm going to compile all that information together on this page to help you guys out. The very first island you come in on will be isle 1.

           To get to Isle 2, you will need a Key of the Misplaced. You can get this key one of two ways, one, kill the sprites on the island and loot Lost rabbit's foot as well as a Miniature Sword is the first way, or, the second way is talk to the vendor on Isle 1 and buy it. It only costs around 150pp so don't worry about it breaking your bank. There is also another pad to the north. There you will use the Eye of Veeshan key purchased from the vendor to port to your quest npcs for PoSky. The final pad is to the west, which takes you to Noble Dijan (Island 1.5), In order to use the pad you will need to buy a Key of Swords from the Key Master.

Key of the Misplaced (Key to Isle 2)

           On Isle 2 you will find a ton of Azaracks. No where is safe on the isle unless you have invis which they can't see through. From the Azaracks on this isle you will want to loot a Broken Mirror. After killing the boss on this isle a halfling npc will spawn named Sirrian the Lunatic. You will want to give your Broken Mirror to him in exchange for the key to Island 3.

Key of Misfortune (Key to Isle 3)

           On Isle 3 you will find assorted mobs, one of which is extremely annoying and does a AoE dispell that dispells half your raid. But, getting to the point. On this isle you will want to loot an Animal Figurine which you will turn in to Sirrian the Lunatic once you defeat the boss of this isle.

Key of Beasts (Key to Isle 4)

           Isle 4 is the first really big isle you'll come to. While killing all of the mobs on this isle you will want me make sure you loot a Bird Whistle, which you will need to turn into Sirrian the Lunatic after the boss of the isle dies. On this isle Sirrian can be located in the large windmill by the pad leading up to the next island.

Avian Key (Key to Isle 5)

           Isle 5 will be the first isle to test your crowd control, because here you will need a lot of it! While killing all the Spiroc mobs here you will want to keep an eye out for a Noise Maker. That is the item you will want to be looting for the next isle. As always, after you clear the isle and defeat the boss you will want to hand the item in to Sirrian the Lunatic.

Key of the Swarm (Key to Isle 6)

           This island is probably the most difficult part of PoSky. You have to have people kiting the bees around while the raid picks the bees off one by one. During the madness that will surely be to come if its your first time here at level 50 keep an eye out for a Dull Dragon Scale. That is your golden ticket to isle 7.

Key of Scale (Key to Isle 7)

           Isle 7 is the second to last isle in sky. It is also probably the isle with the most trash mobs. Jeeze does it take forever to clear this thing or what! =P .. Anyway, here you will want to keep an eye out for Replica of the Wyrm Queen. Replica of the Wyrm Queen is what you will need to hand Sirrian after the Sister of the Spire is dead. That will give you access to the final island in PoSky, the one where the Eye of Veeshan resides!

Veeshan's Key (Key to Isle 8)





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