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Plane of Hate Progression Server Everquest Guide

On the progression servers this zone is radically different than what it shows on the project 99 wikipedia page and also a lot different than what you see on the live servers of Everquest. For some reason they mixed up the tier one and tier 2 in this zone in a really weird way. On live servers you can only find tier 1 mobs up north, on progression servers there are 'hot spots' for them if you will. There are also a lot more empty buildings in hate on progression. I haven't explored the entire zone yet, but when i do I will constantly update my map on this page.

The blue circles are where I am fairly certain there are tier 1 spawns in PoHate on Progression servers. I need to explore more there, but the northern section I have down pat, the southern section I am foggy on (since tier 1 isn't there on live).

Most of this information can be found on P99's wikipedia and was sourced from there as well as knowledge from Plane of Hate in game.

a spite Golem - drops Iksar Rune Etched Shaman armor

Spite Golems are extremely resistant to spells and run at a low amount of health. They're also shamans so they SoW themselves and can't be snared since they're so resistant. They also drop iksar shaman armor, not any other race shaman armor. So they're a bunch of fun.

a scorn banshee - drops bard armor

Another kind of annoying one because they have a chance of spawning an even harder banshee when they die.

a forsaken revenant (male) - drops Apothic Magician armor

One of the easiest mobs in the zone and most hunted cause of Mage armor.

a forsaken revenant (female) - drops Enchanter armor

One of the easiest mobs in the zone and also again, one of the most hunted.

an abhorrent - drops Rogue gear/armor

You'll actually find a lot of these up in Plane of Hate, not many people kill them because they drop a Rogue spear pretty commonly and only Rogue gear which is possibly the least played class.

Cleric of Hate - drops Etheral Mist armor

They complete heal when they get low on health so they need to be stunned and interrupted constantly. Also they're one of the more hunted mobs because they drop cleric gear.

a kiraikuei - drops Warrior armor

These mobs are monks, very easy to take down. Nothing special about them

an ire ghast - drops Paladin armor

Another one of the really easy mobs here.

a repulsive rat - drops a ranger weapon

Another easy mob here.

an ashenbone drake - drops shadowknight gear

Highly magic resistant. Annoying mob, also commonly farmed since SKs own and they drop part of the epic.

a haunted chest - drops random gear

Dispells, a lot. Super annoying but it is a random shot at loot from even PoFear as well as PoHate so worth it.

a loathing lich - drops a wizard wand

Really annoying AoE. They also snare, one of the most annoying mobs in the entire zone and you can tell because people commonly leave them up.





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