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           As many of you know, the progression server is a server that will slowly take us from expansion to expansion so we can experience the whole game over again how it was meant to be seen. My goal with this new section of my website is to create guides to help people get high enough level or enough money to better help them experience the EQ experience. Now keep in mind I'm not claiming these guides will help you ding max level over night or make a bajillion plat, use them more or less as guide lines of which zone to go to, what to farm, what is worth looting and what isn't.

Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide (Updated for Luclin + PoP guide in the works!)

Everquest Progression Server Farming Guides

Everquest Progression Server Tradeskill Guides
Everquest Progression Server Epic 1.0 Guides

Best Dungeon/Other guides you will find for Classic - Velious

Plane of Sky Raid Key Guide

Plane of Fear Raid Guide

Plane of Hate Raid Guide

Velious Coldain Shawl Quest Walkthrough

Everquest 2015/16 Progression Servers

There are a few things that everyone who is new to the Progression Servers should know about. They weren't in the original release of Everquest but are insanely useful! First, open your Inventory and click Alternate Advancement. In the first tab, General, you will find Origin. Click Hotkey to put it on your bars after you have it selected in the window.

In most towns and popular locations there are Parcel NPCs. These NPCs and Parcels work as an ingame mailbox system in Everquest. Get used to them, they're awesome!

           Another thing that may be useful to you is I have recently made a 1 - 105 walkthrough for Everquest. This guide was made to hopefully generate some interest into live Everquest. A lot of people from the TLPs loathe what EQ has become but if you give it a chance, it's even more enjoyable than the experience you have on the TLPs. Live EQ is afterall what has kept the game alive all these years and imo is the best MMORPG on todays market.

           One thing you may not know about as a returning player is you can claim 500 FREE daybreak cash each month. That's right FREE, even with a krono. To do this click on the daybreak button above the EQ button as seen in the picture below:

           After you click on that you'll open up the Marketplace. Yea, yea we've all probably been here before. In the top left of the Marketplace window you'll see a box that lets you claim your free Daybreak cash! A picture of it is below, mine doesn't say claim becuase I already claimed it but yours will if you have not already claimed it!

Also now that Luclin is out, another thing you definitely want to keep in mind is you can access the Bazaar from anywhere! Just type /baz . Or Ctrl + Left click an item to bring up the /baz search window

Future Archive for Me (I want easy access)

DoN Walkthrough

Vex Thal Key Guide

Coldain Shawl Quest Checklist








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