Maidens Eye - Luclin Leveling Guide

Maidens Eye Leveling Locations

Maiden's Eye is a very difficult zone for this level range/era and I don't recommend you try hunting here unless you're with a group of 3 or more players that are all at least 45+.... preferably 50+.

To start, the some of easiest enemies in the zone can be found all over the western and south western walls (a coterie centurion, a vampyre bat, a reanimated drudge, etc etc) as well as in the north east area - the "an umbrous toiler" enemies surrounding the fortress in the water. They're mixed in with higher level enemies though and pulling singles is going to be extremely difficult.

Additionally in the area just north of the Dawnshroud Peaks zone line has a bunch of goranga enemies which have a similar level spread to the enemies mentioned in the previous paragraph. Anywhere marked on the map above with light blue is an area with enemies good for 48 - 53 or so.

On the map above the area marked in purple is best for players 53 - 57 with a group. This is an alternative field hunting area for anyone who doesn't want to do the city far in the north. Finally, the city area up north is the hardest spot in the entire zone. There are a ton of enemies in here and they have a pretty big agro radius. This area is marked with red on my map above.



Additional Information

- The best way to reach Maiden's Eye is through Dawnshroud Peaks which any Druid/Wizard can port to. If you can't get a port to Dawnshroud the next best way is by traveling to The Nexus then through Netherbian Lair which will dump you out in Dawnshroud Peaks.

Maiden's Eye Allakhazam Zone Information