How to reach Dawnshroud Peaks without a Port

Nexus to Netherbian Lair

Can't find any Wizards or Druids that are willing to port you to Dawnshroud Peaks? What a buncha turds! Guess we're gonna have to hoof it here, huh? Oh well! The fastest way for you to reach Dawnshroud Peaks is by traveling to The Nexus. There's a multitude of ways for you to reach The Nexus so I'll let you do that part on your own.

Once you're in The Nexus you're gonna wanna take the northern exit which leads to The Netherbian Lair. This route is shown on my map above. Once in The Netherbian Lair you're going to want to travel directly south which is where you'll find the zone line for Dawnshroud peaks, shown in the picture below.

Netherbian Lair to Dawnshroud Peaks


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