Warsliks Woods - Kunark Leveling Guide

Warsliks Woods - Kunark Leveling Guide

Warsliks Woods is a massive zone that covers 30 different levels, starting all the way down at level 1 and going to... well... 30! Depending on what level you are determines where in this zone you'll want to hunt at. Those of you levels 1 - 5 will want to hunt around the West Cabilis zone line in th southern portion of the zone - the same area that's marked with a blue box on the map above.

Once you hit level 5 you have a few different options available, you can go north of the blue box - which is also east of the Giant Fort. You'll find a few enemies roaming around in this area but they're mixed in with higher level enemies, some of them close to level 20!

You could also try the southwestern portion of the zone, inside the orange box. Here you'll also find enemies between the levels of 5 - 20 but it's a lot easier to tell them apart. Basically any goblins in this area are too high level, everything else is betwee the levels 5 - 12.

Additionally, in the southern most portion of the zone you have the Iksar caves which are probably the best hunting locations for players 8 - 12 as the Iksars in here are all spaced out enough to always get single pulls. I wouldn't recommend you go into the northern part of the zone until you reach at least level 15. The goblin camps around the zone have extremely wide level spreads - some of the goblins are level 15 while some are level 27, then you have the named Grachnist who is level 32!

Unless you've got yourself a full group between the levels of 15 - 20 I wouldn't recommend you hunt the goblins. The same goes for the Giant Fort in the south-central part of the zone. Although the Giant Fort isn't as compact enemy wise as the goblin areas are, it does share an equally large level spread with its enemies.


Grachnist the Destroyer: Goblin Slaver's Whip, Iksar Scaled Gloves, Scaled Wolf Hide Belt, Scaled Wolf Hide Cap, Scaled Wolf Hide Cloak, Scaled Wolf Hide Gloves, Scaled Wolf Hide Leggings, Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring, Totem of the Warrior Spirit

Iksar Bandit Lord: Forsaken Pariah Mask, Bracer of Scavenging


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