Chef Camp - Old Sebilis

The Chef camp is in the southwestern portion of upper Old Sebilis. You'll know whenl you're in the right place when you come across the giant room with a dinner table on it. Chef is slightly higher level than Disco 1 from what I have experienced and it seems to have more nameds here as well.

This guide is part of my larger Old Sebilis Kunark Leveling Guide and only covers this one location. If you'd like to know more about this zone as a whole or want to see what other camps you can hunt here I recommend you use my other guide instead.

The nameds that spawn at the Chef camp and what they drop are as follows:

Froglok Chef

Bracer of Wrath

Fayguard Bladecatcher

Gloves of Wrath

Mrylokar's Bracer

Sebilite Scale Cap

Sebilite Scale Vambracers

Froglok Bartender

Dark Scale Greaves

Mrylokar's Vambraces

Sebilite Scale Gloves

Sleeves of Wrath

Froglok Armsman

Coif of Wrath

Mrylokar's Helm

Sebilite Scale Bracelet

Sebilite Scale Leggings

Truncheon of Doom


Sebilite Scale Cap

Singing Steel Helm

Wild Lord's Crown

Random Zone Drops (Some)

Now there are some random mob drops in Old Sebilis. This means that they dont drop from a named but still have a chance to drop here. In addition to the random items that drop I will go over some of the other loot as well. Some of the stuff you will be seeing on almost every mobs or every other mob. That way you know what is actually vendor trash and what to keep!

Nodding Blue Lily - They might not be selling for much now but hold onto them until the Alchemy gets switched back around. I can make some good money with these things on normal servers by just loading my trader up with them.

Valuable Gems - Valuable gems are fairly common in Old Sebilis, usually every third or fourth mob will drop a gem worth over 50pp or more. Groups tend to do Alpha when it comes to handing out gem or others just say loot whatever just don't be greedy. Since gems are becoming much more common since now just groups can get them it is not a bad idea to vendor the gem. Before you would try and find a Jewelcrafter to buy it from you but now they can farm the gems so easily they would prefer not to go through the trouble.

Runebranded Girdle - This is a rare drop which only comes from Frogloks on the side of Old Sebilis with the Chef. The opposite side of Old Seb (with Disco) drops Obulus Death Shroud while this camp has a chance of dropping the RBG.