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Nektulos Forest - Classic Leveling Guide

Nektulos Forest Leveling Locations

Blue Area - Stick to this area from levels 1 - 5

Red Area - This is the highest level area of Nektulos Forest with the Shadowmen being some of the strongest mobs in the zone outside of the guards


7/2/17 - I honestly do not know much about this zone so this page won't be very descriptive or informative. If you have any information about this zone you'd be willing to share with me please post it in the comments section below. Nameds, camp locations, important and useful quests that take place here... Anything useful that you know.


Additional Zone Information

- This zone got remodeled at some point during Everquest's history - it isn't the same Nektulos Forest on P99 or that many may remember.

- If you aren't a Dark Elf the fastest way for you to reach Nektulos Forest is through Commonlands. The ZL to Nektulos is found in the north.

- The northern portion of Nektulos Forest is one of the best locations early on in the game to farm Spiderling Silk.

Nektulos Forest Allakhazam Zone Information

Nektulos Forest P99 Zone Information (May be out of date for some things)











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