Valdeholm - The Serpent's Spine Leveling Guide

The most commonly hunted location in Valdeholm is the pit in the southern portion of the zone, just north of where you come in from Icefall Glacier at. This pit is also the place where you'll find the entrance of Frostcrypt, one of TSS' end game zones. Out of all the locations in Valdeholm, this one is the most solo friendly. There's plenty of room to kite enemies & the pulls are all spaced out quite a bit.

Just north of the pit is where you find the city part of Valdeholm. There's a bunch of giant enemies in here and it's much harder to get single pulls than it is in the pit that's found to the south. You'll need to have a full group or a well geared smaller group if you plan to hunt here. Also, much like the pit below there's three named enemies for you to hunt here.


Pit Nameds:

The Void: Deathless Mask, Lorekeeper Charm Necklace + Powersources for gear

Drentik the Mad: Dentrik's Dementia, Earring of the Arts + Powersources for gear

Ironbelly: Deepbelly, Pitted Mask of Sorrows + Powersources for gear


Valdeholm Town Square Nameds:

Watch Commander Cearul: Commander's Arm Guard, Warforged Sleeves + Powersources for gear

Spring Master Yergin: Ring of Warded Stone, Steamforged Shield of Runes + Powersources for gear

Watch Commander Thellik: Boots of Bounding, Commander's Crested Bracer + Powersources for gear


This is where things start to get a little bit harder in Valdeholm. Even if you're a very well geared group there's some locations you'll probably need to pull with Pacify (or blow all your cool downs) due to how many enemies you'll get at once. There's a few areas where you can hold down the fort and hunt 1 named in peace (Mammoth Tender Granik, Patriarch Yerban, Master Smith Goil) all three of these nameds are pretty out of the way from each other.

Then there's the eastern side where there's a bunch of nameds clumped up - as you could imagine things will be a lot harder over here. Depending on how many nameds you want to hunt at one time will determine the difficulty if your camp. You can pull Lorekeeper Gerrod, Animal Tender Bealon and Squad Leader Brontik all from the same location - but only good groups will be able to clear that much trash & handle the nameds without medding. It'll be a good test of what you're capable of on this side.

Finally the last area, far to the east where you find Jotik the Guardian and Fihulf, Hero of the People is the last camp in central Valdeholm. This camp will have a lot of trash mobs in comparison to the others, which makes it one of the better locations for people looking for EXP as well as loot (and would prefer to be left alone - most people don't want nameds with a lot of trash mobs)!


Western Area:

Mammoth Tender Granik: Cloak of Weighted Chains, Warbound Belt + Powersources for gear

Patriarch Yerban: Jester's Mask, Serpentine Belt of Deftness + Powersources for gear

Master Smith Goil: Goil's Guardian Aura, Necklace of Ages + Powersources for gear


Eastern Area:

Lorekeeper Magnus: Ancestral Hoop, Hailstone Heart + Powersources for gear

Squad Leader Brontik: Holmguard Helm, Valdeholm Honorguard Bracer

Animal Tender Bealon: Baelon's Ice Knife, Holmguard Cloak + Powersources for gear

Lorekeeper Gerrod: Bracelet of Ancient Stone, Will of Many Hands + Powersources for gear


Eastern-most Building Nameds:

Jotik the Guardian: Faraday Stormrider's Fiery Avenger, Mantle of Crypts, The Guardian's Pouch + Powersources for gear

Fihulf, Hero of the People: Hero's Promise (Aug), Ring Rituals + Powersources for gear



Last but not least, the northern most portion of Valdeholm - also known as the hardest bit. If you want a tough challenge head into the northern most building and take out the two nameds in there. Good groups may be able to pull both at once, but there's so many trash mobs in here it's going to be a pain.

The other good location is outside the northern most fortress around Gatewatch Urgwit's location on the map above. This will also put you in pulling range of Kellet, another named in the area.


Kellet, Royal Guard Captain: House Harfange Heraldic Gorget, Krithgor Ceremonial Mask + Powersources for gear

a Master at Arms: Frostmantle (this item is also a rare drop off other mobs in the area)

Gatewatch Urgwit: Essence of Stone (Aug), Pulsing Emerald of Life (Aug)

Royal Guard Captain Helgar: Orb of Chilling Grace (Aug), Warpower Stone (Aug)

Royal Cryptguard Zerakt: Fellstone (Aug), Jewel of the Stalwart (Aug)


Additional Information

- In order to get to Valdeholm you'll want to take the Guild Hall portal to Goru'kar Mesa and travel north through The Steppes, through Icefall Glacier and into Valdeholm. For more information on how to reach this zone, check out my How to get to Valdeholm Guide.

Valdeholm Allakhazam Zone Information