Direwind Cliffs - TSS Leveling Guide

The easiest portion of Direwind Cliffs for players to hunt is the southern most areas, shown on my map above.Where it says Creeping Death on the map above, along the river's edge - this location has many different ooze enemies all spaced out which makes them easy pickings for kiters, especially Druids since they can port into Direwind Cliffs right next to this area.

Axebeak and Deathrattle on the map above are two named griffon enemies. Their whole area is filled with griffons, which happen to be pretty annoying enemies to fight - as you'll notice is a reoccuring theme for this zone. They have this really annoying knock back/knock up and they also feign death you after this happens. Boxers will find it especially annoying when a random character pulls agro and has this happen to them.

Creeping Death: Gloves of the Black Cliff, Windstill Chain Cloak

Axebeak: Direwind's Beckon, Mask of the Black Cliff

Deathrattle: Direwrought Leather Sleeves, Twin-Edged Razorfist

Ironpaw, Koda's Mate is a bear and in this area you'll find a butt load of other bears... These guys are super annoying just like the griffons, I can't really recommend you hunt here, if you wanna fight the named sure come here do that, but it's not a good camp for much else.

Ironpaw, Koda's Mate: Choker of Battles, Direwrought Silk Hood, Emerald of Forgotten Dreams


The three nameds that are mentioned below are the ones you see in the southeastern portion of the map above. This area has massive packs of mobs, you'll need CC to hunt here and even with CC it'll be a challenge since all the enemies are in packs of 5 - 10. Really well geared groups or maybe people boxing a butt load of characters can handle this place.

Drakkin Army Nameds:

Archmage Varren: Ashen-Hewn Bow, Direwrought Chain Boots

Legionnaire Shylock: Direwrought Silk Hood, Emerald of Forgotten Dreams

Chaplain Rourke: Club of Scathing Branches, Direwrought Plate Gauntlets


Finally we've made it to one of the camps I like most in The Steppes. The named that's mentioned below is an undead gnoll and you'll find him at the Ruined Druid Ring on the map above in the upper left hand corner, just south of the Ironpaw named. There's plenty of enemies up here, about 10 - 15 of them are spaced out enough to get single or in packs, the rest of them are all clustered together around the center of the druid ring. The best part about it is they can drop upwards of 40pp a kill!

Son of Severan: Choker of Battle, Direwrought Mask, Emerald of Forgotten Dreams + Legging Patterns


In the northern portion of Direwind Cliffs you'll find multiple nameds to hunt along the raised up islands, each of them drop Attuneable gear which sells decently well in The Bazaar as well as TSS Armor Patterns which can be used to create this expansions class armor.

Further north, just below of the Ashengate zone line you have a large camp of Drakkin which is one of the best hunting locations for groups or boxers in Direwind Cliffs. There's plenty of enemies here for you to hunt and you aren't too far from the zone line if things end up going south for you or your group.


Central Direwind Cliff Nameds:

Psilocide: Book of Dire Incantations, Earring of Poison Clouds + Glove Armor Patterns

Vinelord Molder: Deathforged Collar, Direwind Ritualist's Mask + Bracer Armor Patterns

Deathshed: Belt of the Elementalist, Skull Mask of the Warlord + Helm Armor Patterns

The Ashengate Ambassador: Belt of the Black Cliff, Ring of Plagueward


Black Legion Camp Nameds:

Kendra the Archer: Book of Dire Incantations, Earring of Poison Clouds

Hammerfist the Champion: Blackiron Belt, Hoop of Regrowth



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