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TDS Leveling Guide - Thuliasaur Island

Thulisaur Island First Leveling Locations

Thuliasaur Island is the most wide open "field" type of zone in all of The Darkened Sea expansion. It's a tier 3 zone so you should expect all of the enemies you find to hit really hard and have a ton of HP. TDS is tuned ridiciously - the enemies you find in Thuliasaur, Combine Dredge and Arx Mentis are all more powerful than the TBM expansion.

As you could imagine there are more camps in this zone to hunt than I will talk about in this guide. Let's start with the foresty part of the zone that has mostly Dinosaurs. On the map above you'll see two light blue circles covering large areas. The first one (to the right) has the named Visoracius, a raptor as well as many other raptor enemies.

Visoracius: Raptor Bone Ring, Voracious

This is one of the easier camps in the zone and you can pull the raptors to the river's edge or to a camp somewhere along the cliff side. If you can't handle the named but would still like to grind here for EXP the central island that's surrounded by rivers has no named enemy spawns. So you could always grind that area if desired.

The next location in Thuliasaur Island that I like is Reginasaur, which is the light blue circle in the upper left portion of my map above. This is my favorite camp in the entire zone and it's the one I recommend the most to those with full groups. It's my favorite since Reginasaur drops Reginasaur's Tooth a Heroic stam aug.

You can safely pull all the enemies at this camp to the northeastern most wall & you can safely AFK up on the mountainside without having to worry about death as well. Reginasaur himself isn't too tough of a named, his unique ability is a short duration stun to everyone on his hatelist.

Reginasaur: Old Tyrannosaurus Hide Cloak, Reginasaur's Tooth

The next part of Thuliasaur Island that I will cover in the guide is the area furthest to the north nearby the lizard temple. A picture of this location can be found just below.

Thulisaur Island Temple Leveling Locations

This part of Thuliasaur Island is a bit tougher than the aforementioned parts. The lizardmen camps up north have some pretty hectic pulls since it's not uncommon to find the rooms filled with 5+ lizards. If you actually take the time to break up the camp once you arrive thing won't be too difficult and the upside is these camps aren't frequented by many players.

On the right side of the map you have Blacksmith Thassis and on the left side of the map you'll find Cuisiner Sraskus. Neither of these nameds have exceptional loot tables but they do of course drop the zone wide power source, Thaell Ew Totem.

Along with all of the other items mentioned for each of these named enemies; they also have a chance of dropping.. Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Briny Essences. These items are the Rank 2 Spell Runes of The Darkened Sea expansion pack. Ontop of these items the nameds you find will also drop Highwater Armor.

The named enemies in Thuliasaur Island drop Highwater Armor. This is the Tier 3 armor for TDS and is made in a similar fashion to the Castaway Armor which I have a guide for.


Additional Information

- To reach Thuliasaur Island you'll need to complete all TDS progression up through to Degmar. Then you'll need to take a boat from Brother's Island to get here.

- The zonewide power source drop for Thuliasaur Island is called Thaell Ew Totem and is most beneficial to melee DPS.

Thuliasaur Island Allakhazam Zone Information

Thuliasaur Island EQ Resource Zone Information











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