Plane of Health - TBM Leveling Guide

The Plane of Health is the entry zone of The Broken Mirror expansion. There isn't much at all to do in this zone, while you will find enemies throughout the zone no nameds spawn in the non-instanced version. There are some enemies that roam around throughout the valleys as well as camps of humanoid enemies which are all a part of one of the introductory quests.

Even though there are no named enemies there is still one single reason for hunting in this zone - collectibles! That's right! The humanoid enemies throughout the zone have a chance of dropping a set of collectibles that you can't get anywhere else - not even in the instanced version of Plane of Health.

Yes that's literally the only reason at all for you to hunt in the non-instanced version of Plane of Health - the single set of collectibles that drops here. You may even be able to sell them on your server since I can't imagine many people feel like coming to this zone just to farm it.



Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: 25 Players

- In order to reach Plane of Health you'll need to first travel through The Plane of Tranquility. For more information on How to get to Plane of Health follow the link provided.

- There are a total of four collectible sets that you can find in this zone. For more information about the Plane of Health Collectibles follow the link provided.