TBL Advloot Rare List

This page is a complete list of all the rare items which were added during the TBL expansion pack and that drop in TBL. If you add this list of items to your Advloot list then it'll automatically add these items to your Need list in the Advloot window. For more information about the Advloot Files follow the link provided.

Note: EoK/RoS rares also drop in the TBL expansion zones (including Gnome Memorial Mountain). I strongly recommend you add both to your Advloot file.



161720^3680^Guardian's Descending Moon Mask
161743^1623^Athletic Descending Moon Belt
161746^5050^Ingenious Descending Moon Belt
161748^6614^Vital Descending Moon Belt
161747^5064^Savvy Descending Moon Belt
161744^1118^Quick Descending Moon Belt
161732^661^Descending Moon Cloak of Security
161745^563^Fleet Descending Moon Belt
161734^3597^Descending Moon Idol of Adroitness
161721^1063^Descending Moon Mask of Vigor
161726^3231^Descending Moon Amice of Adroitness
161729^1118^Descending Moon Amice of Brilliance
161722^528^Descending Moon Mask of Brilliance
161727^3207^Descending Moon Amice of Vigor
161742^6624^Vital Descending Moon Ring
161750^1623^Descending Moon Charm of Brilliance
161737^6627^Athletic Descending Moon Ring
161735^2012^Descending Moon Idol of Vigor
161725^6643^Descending Moon Necklace of Vigor
161714^3680^Athletic Descending Moon Earring
161749^1232^Descending Moon Charm of Vigor
161739^512^Fleet Descending Moon Ring
161741^6602^Ingenious Descending Moon Ring
161724^1643^Descending Moon Necklace of Adroitness
161740^2480^Savvy Descending Moon Ring
161738^6636^Secure Descending Moon Ring
161736^6559^Quick Descending Moon Ring
161715^1640^Vital Descending Moon Earring
161717^1899^Quick Descending Moon Earring
161718^8157^Ingenious Descending Moon Earring
161716^522^Fleet Descending Moon Earring
161713^1123^Summoner's Descending Moon Earring