Loping Plains - SoF Leveling Guide

Just north the Steamfont Mountains zone line you'll find an assortment of wild life which are easy pickings for anyone looking to solo/kite - especially Druids since they're all animals around here. Kiters can also go further south, down to the beach where you'll find alligators which don't summon and can easily be kited. In fact, this is the most popular location all expansion for those who love to kite.

If you've got yourself a small group or box team then you might want to check out the goblins (north of the wild life that's near the Steamfont zone line) or the orc camps (near the alligators in the southern part of the zone). Both of these areas have a few nameds and would make decent hunting for smaller groups.


Eastern Goblins:

Drangol Foreman: Amethyst of the Staunch (Aug), Gifilnos' Miraculous Hunting Bag, Gifilnos' Prized Hunting Bag

Drangol Overseer: Fortunisa's Arcane Nightcloak, Fortunisa's Nightcloak, Rough Pyrite Nugget (Aug)


Shadowmane Nameds:

Shadowmane Totemcaller: Heavy Spaulders of Gifilnos, Lelluran's Mace, Spaulders of Gifilnos

Shadowmane Champion: Elladrial's Cloak of Shining Silk, Elladrial's Scintillating Cloak, Orrel's War-Staff, Wegar's Lantern of Sidewise Fearing


Bloodmoon Bloodmender: Inscribed Signet of Wegar, Signet of Wegar, Wegar's Lantern of Sidewise Fearing, Wendia's Gleaming Guardlet, Wendia's Shining Guardlet

Bloodmoon Warlock: Barbed Gird of Wirlem, Girdle of Wirlem, Wegar's Lantern of Sidewise Fearing, Wendia's Golden Sash, Wendia's Sash



I'll talk about the worgs in the next part of this guide, for now let's focus on the rest of the locations on the map above. Far to the north where it shows the Nightwalker Assassin on the map you'll find a buttload of goblins, small groups or poorly geared full groups will do well here.

South of the Druid Ring you'll find another location that people usually like to kite at. Most of the nameds that you see on the map above are all really spread out and, as you could imagine, make up the rest of the camps in the area.


Nightwalker Assassin (Goblin): Orcish Slaver's Harness, Orcish Slaver's Harness (2 Aug Slots), Tear of Resistance (Aug)

Minotaur Pit Boss (Minotaur): Blood-Tinged Sliver (Aug), Gilded Signet of Valarine, Inscribed Signet of Valarine

Shadowmane Beastman: Eldanddor's Avenger, Elladrial's Pendant of Solace, Elladrial's True Pendant of Solace

Frenzied Shadowmane: Elladrial's Humility, Elladrial's Penance, Wirlem's Archblade

Bloodmoon Swiftblade: Orrel's Blood Bauble, Orrel's Nightmarish Bauble, Wendia's Blessing, Wendia's Charm



The western most portion of Loping Plains is the best place to hunt in the whole zone. The southeastern most portion of my map above is where you'll find the famous Worg Camp. Speak with the NPC Tyrinam here to acquire tasks for defeating the worgs, which are just north of him. Much like the farm in Dragonscale Hills you can repeat this task for extra AAs indefinitely.

West of the concentrated pack of worgs above the quest giver, along the open plains you'll find camps of orcs. Expect pulls of 3 or 4 if you decide to attack them. North of both the orcs and worgs you'll come across a graveyard, crypt and chapel filled with undead enemies. This makes a fantastic place for Paladins and anyone with slay undead capabilities to hunt.


Orc Named:

Bloodmoon Battlemaster: Elladrial's Auric Ringlet, Elladrial's Singular Auric Ringlet, Lelluran's Scarred Longsword, Wegar's Lantern of Sidewise Fearing


Undead Nameds:

Vampiric Deathknight: Fangbreaker Hunting Fetish, Fangbreaker Stalking Beads, Gilded Targe of Kulthar, Targe of Kulthar

Decrepit Skeleton: Bolstered Gem of Defense (Aug), Faende's Diamond Earstud, Faende's Swagger Stick, Greater Talisman of Werewolf Brain, Talisman of Werewolf Brain

Debilitated Skeleton: Faende's Diamond Earstud, Faende's Swagger Stick, Faende's Earstud



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