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SoF Leveling Guide - Gyrospire Zeka

Let's start off by complaining; this zone is wayyyy harder than you'd think it to be based on its level. What makes it so hard you ask? Well, the enemies in here hit extremely hard - all of them and they very rarely come in pulls smaller than 2 or 3. Most of the time every pull is 5+ enemies which means you'll definitely need Pacify when pulling and Mez when things go south.

The large open grassy area where you first enter is likely the hardest spot in the entire zone due to the overwhelming amount of enemies here. Once you move into the building in the center part of the zone things become a bit less risky since the chance of you accidentally pulling 15+ enemies is greatly reduced.



Ground Floor Nameds:

Repair Steamwork XIV: Micro Repair Tools, Model XIV Face Plate, Model XIV Repair Tools, Steamwork Visor



First Floor:

Very easy floor, only about 5 enemies in total here with the named included. A smaller group could easily handle this camp if they are able to reach it.

Fuelmaster XI


Second Floor:

This floor is a bit harder than the first floor. The pulls here start getting pretty big (4 +) and you'll need to move your group around from room to room otherwise terrible pathing could make your day real bad real quick.

Shocktroop Commander XIX:


Third Floor:

This is the hardest floor out of them all; if you're not careful you can accidentally pull half this floor at once which will be 12+ enemies. You'll need a really well prepared group to handle this floor.

Commander Gearwell

Engineer LXII


Top Floor:

The final floor is packed with nameds and all things considered isn't too difficult to tackle. Pathing here is a little wonky, worse than it is on the rest of the tower and since this is the top of the tower - there's no walls to keep you in check. If you're not careful you can fall right off the side of this tower while pulling.

Commander Gearwell

Catapult Engineer XIX

Zeka Repairer III

Shocktroop Commander XIX




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Gyrospire Zeka Allakhazam Zone Information








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