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Plane of Shadow Water Camp

This camp is my favorite Tier 3 camp in Rain of Fear because of how many mobs you can pull to it and how many different nameds you can farm here if you get lucky enough to get some spawns. I like to park my boxes up atop the rock at the area I chose to camp (check the map picture below, the little blue dot on the map is where I like to camp at). I find that up here is the best place for casters since they will have a height advantage and absolutely nothing will ever agro them here. Unless a named spawns in the middle of the camp (Xal Zeth or Kaas Thox) but even then they usually don't.

The only mobs in this entire area that will scowl at you ready to attack are the named mobs or the little balls of light and shadow that are around the area. Everything else here could care less about your presence. That's another huge perk to hunting here. Putting aside everything else there is only one thing you need to know about this camp. Be careful when pulling the mobs into the water pits, if the ooze mobs fully submerge casters will not be able to hit them unless they get into the water pit themselves.

Before I get to showing you the pretty map I marked up for this location I would like to explain a little about the third named, An Ancestral Wanderer that can be found to the southeast marked by a black #3 on my map below. This named is one of the far pulls but definitely within the realm of possibility for you. He has three different spawn locations within the tower itself but only worry about the single place holder on the bottom floor. Every so often pull him and eventually a named will spawn in it's place! ;D

Now as promised let's break down the map you're looking at below. #1 is Xal Zeth and his place holder the Akheva enemies in the local area. #2 is for Kaas Thox who's place holder is a pile of shadow. Many of them can be found all around the local area but I am fairly certain only a few of them are actual place holders for him. The #3 belongs to An Ancestral Wanderer inside of the lower southeast. There is one place holder on the bottom floor, a wandering soul.

Xal Zeth the humanoid in the center of the camp

Kaas Thox a pile of shadow

An ancestral wanderer inside the tower


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes



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