Evantil Ruaabri Camp

You might remember on the index page of my Rain of Fear camps guide I mentioned I seldom do one named camps unless they drop something extremely good. Ruaabri is pretty much the named I had in mind when I came up with that exception to the rule. The reason for this is because Ruaabri drops an item called Ruaabri's Fist which sells for quite a bit of plat since it gives you 750 Health and 750 Mana in a buff that stacks with everything.

I typically sell this item for 250k - 300k each and every time I get it to drop. Of course if you're reading this one or two expansions ahead of RoF that information will no longer be true. Now despite what I said earlier about Ruaabri being the only named here, I lied. There is another named in the area called A Blighted Toad but this named only spawns from about 3 place holders in the area and is very rare to see up. I felt like mentioning him as an actual named here was like cheating you out of something.

To reach Ruaabri's camp you will want to run all the way up the tree of Evantil to the very tippy top. Up here you will want to set up camp where my little blue dot is marked on the map below and pull to the east. You can pull just the first platform you come out to if you want, despite people saying he spawns further out I never have seen him spawn out there. And aside from that, why would you want him to spawn all the way out there? What I usually do is pull the whole first platform, the top floor of the tree and a little bit of the southern area when mobs start spawning way too far away.

You can also pull from inside the tree a little if you feel comfortable with it.

On the map below the little blue dot represents the safest spot to camp. Only one tree frog patrols past this area. The red #1 is where you will find Ruaabri. The Black #2 is where A Bloated Tree Frog normally spawns.


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes

Animal Fearbone

Tainted Feather




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