Chelsith Silvi The Mistress Camp

Silvi is one of the few named mobs in Chelsith that are awesome to camp. The reason Silvi is so good to camp is because she drops an aug that has a lot of Armor Class on it as well as some Heroic Agility. This is a great aug to farm if you plan to do any tanking what-so-ever. Also there is another named nearby called A Possessed Farseer. Both of these nameds have decent enough T3 drops that might be an upgrade for your character depending on the gear you're sporting now.

A Possessed Farseer is an extremely easy named and can be killed by even the worst of group in T3. Silvi though will sport a little bit of a challenge compared to the farseer. Depending on your group makeup you may not even be able to kill her. I run a 3 box with pet tanks and since Silvi has a pull that grabs the whole group and pulls it to her it makes it exceptionally difficult to have pets tank. If you're in the same boat as me what I did was place two characters behind the wall nearby where I camp (as shown on the map) and dps'd on one character. It went a bit slower but I was certain to keep all my tanks alive.

Aside from that there isn't much more that is unique of this camp. There are a few more helpful tips, one the slave mobs in this area are exceptionally easy and don't hit for as much as the Shissar (should be obvious by their con) which means you can handle quite a few at once if you'd like too. Also keep an eye out for Corrupt Shissar fangs, they will net you a decent Bazaar price.

In the picture below the little blue dot will show you the safest place I have found to camp. Also in that very same picture you will see a #1 and a #2. The #1 is the known spawn locations of Silvi The Mistress and the #2 is the known spawn location for A Possessed Farseer. You will easily be able to do both of these nameds from this camp, however, there are no other nameds in the area.


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes



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