Plane of Nightmare - PoP Leveling Guide

Plane of Nightmare Kiting Area

The area circled on the map above is the most common place to kite in this zone. You can pull mobs from all around the outside of the circled area and kite them around within distance of the zone line if things get out of control. This area is good for players 55 - 65 who are solo or with small numbers.

You'll find Ravens, Trees, Spiders and other enemies for you to kill all around this side of Plane of Nightmare. The best place for you to pull from is to the south a little bit nearby the river that leads to the other quadrant on the western side of the zone. Down here you'll find a ton of different enemies roaming around - all with a really big agro radius for you to watch out for.

There isn't much notable loot that drops here except for a few Tradeskill items that I am going to tell you to keep an eye out for, like the Nightmarewood Bow Staff and Nightmarewood Sap. These bow staffs are an important part of raising Fletching past 250 trivial and the bows that they create are also used for the Tribute system added in GoD for many expansions to come.

You should also keep an eye out for some of the quest items like the Pages of Dark Power 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 (Tome of Dark Power Quest). It's up to you if you'd like to do that quest or not, they're prelootable but it's rare for you to come across all of them.

I highly recommend you stay on the western side of the zone and do not cross the extremely large central river. The eastern side of the zone has Banshees and Wraith enemies which are more spaced out and not as good of EXP as the western side. If you're looking for a larger challenge instead of traveling east find a new zone or travel north into the Hobgoblin caves which I go into more detail about below.

You can find the Hobgoblin caves by traveling north along the river - through the underwater cave and into the Hobgoblin tunnels.

The Hobgoblin Tunnels up north are arguably the most challenging part of the Plane of Nightmare. These little devils hit harder than the other enemies in the zone and have a larger agro radius. They also almost always seem to come in pairs or packs of three which makes the tunnels even more difficult. This tunnel is also extremely dense with mob population in comparison to the rest of the zone. You'll need to clear dozens of enemies to reach the rooms all the way up north.

In the northeastern most room of the tunnels you'll find bats, in the south eastern portion of the tunnel system you'll come across an assortment of mephits and other enemies. If you follow the southeastern route all the way back outside you'll find some gloom nightmares which drop an item used for the SK Epic 2.0.

The part of these tunnels I would like to talk about is the part that houses the Hobgoblins. Primarily all three of the large tunnels to the west. The Hobgoblins give decent EXP and also drop an assortment of valuable Tradeskill materials which can be used for raising Tradeskills past 250. Things like Brick of Nightmare Iron, Hobgoblin Meat, Nightmare Mephit Skin, Nightmare Mephit Blood (both less valuable).

Random Drops from Hobgoblins: Embroidered Gloves, Sorcerous Bracer of Power, Black Silk Cap, Deteriorated Arm Links

Even if you never plan to raise your Tradeskills hanging onto the different Tradeskill Items that you get from this zone to sell would be a smart thing to do... Even on live servers you'll find people are still interested in these items for raising their Tradeskills 300 - 350.

Additional Information

- You can find the zone line for Plane of Nightmare outside in the center of the windy building that Quellios is in. For directions on how to reach Plane of Nightmare follow the link provided.

- Plane of Nightmare can be accessed at level 46 with no prior flags.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

- The Hedge Event which is required for Planar Progression takes place in this zone. For more information on the Hedge Event I recommend you check out my PoN Hedge Event Walkthrough.

- There's also a quest you can do that lets you bypass the Hedge/Terris Flags. For more information on this quest head over to my Bypass Hedge & Terris Flag Quest Guide.

Plane of Nightmare Allakhazam Zone Information