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Crypt of Decay - PoP Leveling Guide

Crypt of Decay

The Crypt of Decay is one of the most well known PoP zones as it's some of the best EXP you can get all the way until level 75. This zone is also fantastic for anyone out there who has a bone to pick with the undead because this zone is littered with them!

On the map above the area that's outlined in black is basically all undead enemies. Be warned though - if you try to go west past the lava and into the part of the zone with corrupted knights you'll find a raid target if he hasn't been killed recently (Carprin Deatharn).

It's safest if you stay in the two hallways closest to the zone out; the same place that you find all of the pusling enemies. Throughout this area you'll find a bunch of lower level puslings and the occasional miniature bubonian which is significantly lower level than the puslings. There's two nameds which spawn in these halls:

Greater Corrupted Pusling: Circled Toe Bones, Mace of the Fallen Crusader

Greater Foul Pusling: Circled Toe Bones

West of the puslings you have the higher level undead enemies I was telling you about before. If the raid boss isn't up you can explore this whole area but you'll need to have a well prepared group. You won't find these guys to be as weak as the puslings. The loot is about the same as the puslings except there's many more nameds over here.

There's quite a few different named enemies which you can find throughout this area. A list of all of them and what they drop can be found below.

Firebone Archmagus: Wicked Bone Atlatl (Undead)

Deathbone Archmagus: Corpse Shroud Shawl, Wicked Bone Atlatl

Elite Corrupted Knight: Decayed Chain Links

Elite Death Knight: Bile Soaked Shoes

Elite Necromancer of Decay: The Putrid Fish

Elite Priest of Decay: (He's used for the Hunter Achievement but Allakhazam doesn't have any loot table)

Pestilence Archon: Belt of Dripping Bile

Finally the last part of Crypt of Decay (also known as Ruins of Lxanvom; random fact yo) that's worth talking about is the Bubonian camp that's far to the north. This is the largest camp in the entire zone and has room for multiple groups if desired. The bubonians here are absolutely fantastic EXP and loot.

Unlike the rest of the zone these guys are actually living enemies - not undead. If you're a paladin and still want some undead enemies head west from the puslings instead of north to the bubonians. The fact that these are humanoids is a great boon to certain classes like Rangers once they get their heashot AA.

The bubonians are about the same level as the undead that are west of the pusling camp; which means they're slightly higher level than the puslings that are at the zone in. You should also expect some traps in this area, similar to the traps found in Dragon Necropolis and LDoNs.

Maggots have a chance to spawn from the traps triggered in the bubonian tunnels. They're really weak hitting low level mobs but they spawn in large amounts which could be an issue for unprepared groups that hit them. Here's a list of the named enemies you'll find in the bubonian section of the zone:

Bubonian Death Caster: Bubonian Bandage Turban

Bubonian Great Mystic: Skull Charm

Bubonian Warlord: Putrid Belt of Rotten Hide

Crazed Bubonian Berzerker: Bile Drenched Main-gauche

Eviscerator Fwexar: Sepultura Sandals

High Mystic Qucosp: Ring of Bone

Plague Lord Hetral: Putrid Eye of the Possessed

Witchdoctor Orxkra: Worm Eaten Skull Charm

That's all there is to Crypt of Decay! This zone is amazing EXP up until the SoF expansion which is when it'll start to drop off for max level players. The only part about this zone that sucks is you need to be flagged to get in until a later expansion (can anyone on Phinigel please comment and tell me which one)?

Additional Information

- Players can find the Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay) zone line in northeastern Plane of Tranqulity. Prior to the zone being open to everyone, you'll need to kill Grummus to gain the flag for access.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

- The Bertoxxulous Raid takes place in the lower portion of Crypt of Decay. For more information on this event check out my Bertoxxulous Raid Event Guide.

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