Wall of Slaughter - OoW Leveling Guide

Wall of Slaughter Southern End

Wall of Slaughter is one of the most popular leveling locations for...eeevveerrr. once it goes live! Seriously! This zone has practically enough enemies for your whole server to kill and about half a dozen good camp locations. Weaker groups will want to take the southern wall closer to Noble's Causeway.

You can camp anywhere in the blue area along the southern wall. The only enemy you'll want to avoid that spawns in the field is Shadowhunter. He's much harder than the rest and will catapult you all the way across the zone (he's so annoying)!!

The last thing you can find in the field is two destroyed cities which are filled with Dragorn enemies. Additionally you can find Undead Murkgliders in the tunnels which are connected to the north and south areas of the southern field. These enemies are great for Paladins or anyone with a bone to pick with the undead... Get it?

Here are the named enemies that you'll find in the southern field:

Bazu Bonesmasher: Earring of Oppression, Stave of the Eternal, Tainted Heartstone

Chimera Deathbringer: Edge of Envelopment, Silken Turban of Serfdom

Bazu Destroyer: Bloodstone of the Dance, Earring of Oppression, Scarred Browband

Chimera Seether: Scarred Browband, Soulpiercer

Feran Bloodkeeper: Infernal Ring of Regrowth, Terror Chain Ring

Feran Savageclaw: Benevolent Girdle, Sleeves of Constriction, Terror Chain Ring

Shadowhunter: Crystal Shield of Remembrance, Granite Sceptre of Cruelty


Northern Wall of Slaughter

Finally the last part of Wall of Slaughter is what's north above the wall. This area is a bit harder than the southern camp so you'll want to come prepared. Also you'll want to avoid pulling any raid mobs... Like Girplan Guardian, Cipheron and any others that say raid mob when you con them.. As that'll surely spell disaster for your group.

The best place to camp up here is the area marked "Wall Camp" on my map above. Aside from that camp you can also do the Tunnels off to the one side -- or camp along the wall closer to where Druids and Wizards port in as well as the Guild Hall on the other side.

The named enemies you'll find on the northern side of Wall of Slaughter are:

Ukun Fleshflayer: Enduring Bracer of Flame, Firestone of Might

Discordling Bloodfiend: Feranskin Sandals, Warped Choker of Enslavement

Dragorn Turretkeeper: Mordant Sleeves, Turretkeeper's Bow

Discordling Warfiend: Desecrated Gloves of Order, Tainted Cloak of Treachery

Noc Shadowkeeper: Fiercely Hooked Claw, Swirling Silk Bracer

Kyv Assassin: Armguards of Repetance, Blade of Disruption

Kyv Pureshot: Boots of Slaughter, Chipped Ring of Bloodcalling

Ukun Tendonslicer: Bone-Studded Loop, Wallwalker's Helm

Girplan Mastercrafter: Iron Gauntlets of Ruin, Mantle of Rebirth

Noc Bonecleaver: Boots of Slaughter, Gloves of Penitence, Shroud of the Fallen Defender

Girplan Taskmaster: Stone of Resilience, Thrice-Laced Wristguard

Dragorn Blightkeeper: Stone of Defiance, Ward of Skirmish

Dragorn Nightwalker: Rejuvenating Shield of War, Soles of the Wallwalker


Additional Information

- The fastest way to reach Wall of Slaughter is to have a Druid or Wizard port you here. If you can't find a portal here the only way to reach this zone is through Dranik's Scar.

- The item Black Chaos Boots drops in this zone from select enemies and is used in the Bard Epic 2.0.

- Named enemies in OoW zones drop spell runes which are used in the Omens of War Class Spells Quest. These runes are as follows... Glowing Muramite Rune (70), Greater Muramite Rune (69), Muramite Rune (68), Lesser Muramite Rune (67), Minor Muramite Rune (66).

- The named enemies in Wall of Slaughter drop Attuneable gear. On servers with regular loot rules, this gear will hold its value throughout all future expansions since it's some of the only/best stuff players can get during this level range.

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