Nobles' Causeway - OoW Leveling Guide

Nobles' Causeway Murkglider Leveling Location

Noble's Causeway is a huge zone with tons of different camp spots and mobs to hunt.... Sadly I really only know one location that's commonly used here though. In the southern portion of the zone, just above the zone line for Dranik's Scar you'll find a road that has many different Murkgliders to kill.

They are fairly spaced out and make a decent area for smaller groups or boxers.



Additional Information

- The best way to reach this camp is by traveling north through Dranik's Scar and zoning into Nobles. If you need help reaching Dranik's Scar check out my guide.

- The item Black Chaos Gauntlets is a rare drop from some bazu and murkgliders in this zone and is used in the Bard 2.0 Epic.

- Named enemies in OoW zones drop spell runes which are used in the Omens of War Class Spells Quest. These runes are as follows... Glowing Muramite Rune (70), Greater Muramite Rune (69), Muramite Rune (68), Lesser Muramite Rune (67), Minor Muramite Rune (66).

Noble's Causeway Allakhazam Zone Information