OoW Leveling Guide - Dranik's Scar

Draniks Scar Leveling Locations

Dranik's Scar is the entrance Omens of War zone. You can reach this zone by speaking with the Priest of Discord which is at the top of Plane of Knowledge; just outside the large building where you purchase all the spells. He ports you to the far south eastern portion of Dranik's Scar - with the only way to get back to PoK being to speak with the Priest of Discord again.

This makes a slight issue for those wanting to zone with mobs closely on their tail so keep that in mind if you're coming here unprepared. The easiest enemies in Dranik's Scar are found in the large blue box taking up a good portion of the right of the map. This area is great for players between the levels 40 - 45 who are solo or without much of a group.

Anyone 45+ or with a larger group will find better EXP pulling from the areas marked with the black boxes on the map. These locations are more densly populated and also have some nameds that spawn in them. If you'd like a safer location with no nameds you can hunt by the Bloodfields or Noble's Causeway zone lines.



Additional Information

- In order to reach Dranik's Scar you need to talk with the Priest of Discord in PoK.

- Named enemies in OoW zones drop spell runes which are used in the Omens of War Class Spells Quest. These runes are as follows... Glowing Muramite Rune (70), Greater Muramite Rune (69), Muramite Rune (68), Lesser Muramite Rune (67), Minor Muramite Rune (66).

Dranik's Scar Allakhazam Zone Information