Undershore - Depths of Darkhollow Leveling Guide

The area of Undershore shown on the map above is where you'll port in at if a Druid ports you here or if you take the Guild Hall to this zone. In the bottom right hand part of the map where it says Druid Circle, that's right where you zone in. Around the area you zone in you'll find dozens of enemies roaming around the island. Mostly they're all single pulls and they make good hunting for soloers/duoers.

In the central most southern portion of the area you'll find a large castle-like structure. Inside there'll be a lot of enemies which makes a decent hunting location for players in their late 50s/early 60s. As I said on the Corathus Creep guide before, if you're having trouble defeating the enemies in this zone I highly recommend you go back to Classic, Kunark, Velious or Luclin Zones. You'll find that those enemies have half as much HP and hit for half as much.

Undead Castle in the central portion of the zone is a decent hunting location too for smaller groups. There's less enemies there than at the southern most castle.

A Deep Orc Fire Tender: Wurine Sledge, Shield of Smoke, Shadowmane Scarf

The Deep Crawler: Gloomy Shiliskin Mask, Undershore Pearl Necklace

a Forlorn Wanderer: Gloomy Shiliskin Belt, Shiliskin Trader's Mask


As for the northern portion of Undershore, the best camp (but also hardest) is the city in the northeastern portion. There's a few nameds in here as well as a raid encounter, General Veronhar, whom you'll need to be wary of and stay away from since it's unlikely you can handle him.

On the northwestern side, opposite of the city, you'll find another great hunting location. There's more named enemies over here and no raid boss which means you can be a lot less careless over here and not pay the price. Also the enemies here are pretty spaced out in comparison to the city which is another bonus (or negative depending how you look at it).

Shivlen: Band of Dark Hope, Shiliskin Barbed Sword

Grelang: Shiliskin Infantry Chain, Wurine Collar


Silver Claw: Ragepaw Hunter Loop, Shiliskin Archer Bow

Sarvin: Shiliskin Colonel Battle Mask, Shiliskin Infantry Plate

The Nightcrier: Howling Belt, Shiliskin Army Tabard


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