Mines of Narikor Named Strategies

           Once you gain access to the Field of Strife, you'll also gain access to the Mines of Narikor. In fact, any time you die in the Field of Strife you'll notice that instead of going back to your bind point, you'll be transported down into the Mines of Narikor near the zone line to Drunder, Fortress of Zek. The fastest way down into the Mines is actually to die - otherwise you have to run all the way across the Field of Strife to the southern end to zone into the mines.

           In the mines you'll find two of the most saught after nameds in the whole zone, Slave Driver Thokk for his weapon aug and Rolfron Zek for the Circle of Power clicky.


Slave Driver Thokk: Brainmasher, Sigil of Thokk (Aug), War-Scarred Fetish

The Heart of Narikor: Deathdrinker's Dirk of Darkness, Primalist Drape, The Heart of Narikor (Aug)

Rolfron Zek: Rage of Rolfron (Circle of Power Clicky), Scorched Earth Hoop, Triple-Pointed Bloodmetal Stiletto


Slave Driver Thokk Named Strategy

Assuming you aren't boxing, Slave Driver Thokk is one of the easiest nameds in the entire zone. He has three abilities

Whip to the Face (if you fail to duck): 200,000 damage

Slave Driver's Pummeling: Single Target DD 80,000 damage

Slave Driver's Bullwhip Pull: Very slow pushback - may interrupt some spells


Rolfron Zek, Lord of Despair Named Strategy

This is probably the toughest named enemy in the entire Mines of Narikor; he also definitely has the most HP of all the named enemies you will fight in this zone. Rolfron has about a dozen different abilities that he can use on you and your group - check the Allakhazam entry for all of them. I've got the two most important/common ones listed below though.

First, the major one that messes up your group is Anguish of the Body. If you only have one tank, have him pop some of his cooldowns when you get this debuff and make sure to save some cooldowns for future debuffs.

Anguish of the Body: Cap Hitpoints at 50%; it's always casted on the highest person on his hate list.

Despair of the Body: Summons a weak NPC that restores HP to Rolfron Zek for all of the damage it does. If you don't defeat it and it despawns naturally, I think it does a DD to whomever it is attacking for quite a bit of damage.


The Heart of Narikor Named Strategy








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