Castle Tamrel Named Strategies

Castle Tamrel

           This is the harder of the two towers (in my opinion) in both the enemies that are found inside and the named enemies you encounter throughout. In order to gain access to this tower you will first need to defeat The Judicator and obtain the Warlord's Blessing. For more information on how to flag yourself for tower access head over to my Plane of War Guide (Field of Strife) page.



Gyrup the Caller: Embraor, Warhammer of Strife, Evoker's Veil of Battle, Left Eye of Gyrup

The Blade: Breakneck Choker, Foestriker's Blade, Sigil of the Blade



The Blade Strategy

Depending on your group this named may be a total nightmare. My strategy for him is extremely simple, I pop all my cooldowns and then run all my characters on top of him and burn him down within 10 - 20 seconds. The reason for this strategy (and I know it will be tough to duplicate) is because The Blade is an extremely annoying fight. In order to hit him with your spells and not have them reflected back at yourself you need to be standing on top of him.

Throughout the fight, The Blade will emote, "The Blade prepares an attack for those nearby" which means you need to run your entire group (except the tank) to the opposite wall to avoid The Blade's attack. Each person who is in melee range will cause The Blade to deal 33k damage. With just the tank, it'll be like a small DD and he can easily take the hit.

The Blade also spawns three pets throughout the fight which you can easily mez or destroy them with a few hits.


Gyrup the Caller Strategy

This is the easiest named in Castle Tamrel by a long shot. Gyrup has an extremely far knock back ability which can send you flying across the entire room so it's important that you don't leave your back facing a bunch of enemies on the other side of the room. Aside from this ability he also summons a swarm of boars to attack a specific target, usually the tank.

The boars he summons are like swarm pets - you don't want to waste time fighting them instead you want to focus entirely on burning down Gyrup as quickly as possible. That's basically the strategy for Gyrup, keep your back facing a wall, burn as fast as humanly possible.


Commander Inasch Prae'va Strategy

I am unfamiliar with this named, I will probably do him this year though (2019) as I would like to have one of the only guides available on him.








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