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Why You Shouldn't Use Banestrike


           This guide is a page to inform you why you shouldn't use Banestrike. Don't put it in your macros - don't use it in your rotations and by golly don't place that crap in your Kissassist INI Files!! I've had this discussion endless amounts of times on different Everquest forums so I decided to give it a massive write up on my website.

           The reason that you don't want to put Banestrike into your macros is really straight forward - it doesn't do a lot of damage. Now you might be saying - but every little bit helps... right? Well, no not always. In this case the problem is that it's always better to use a regular ability than it is to use Banestrike. Kissassist in particular attacks slow enough as it is - putting Banestrike in your INI just guarantees something better doesn't fire.

           You might be saying yea but this doesn't hurt me, does it? In fact - it does! You see, all of our regular attacks and abilities benefit from our AAs, Focuses and all the nice sweet bonuses that we get. Banestrike doesn't. This means that if you choose to use Banestrike over an actual ability you'll end up losing more DPS than you'll get from it.

           To give you a situation where this holds especially true - while you have your Burns active (Cooldowns). When all of your cooldowns are active you're receiving insane boosts to all of your capabilities. Usually it's flat out damage increases, crit increases, twincast... you name it! Banestrike won't gain any added benefit from any of this.

           During these 45 seconds (usually how long the melee burns last) it's essential that you fire off as many abilities as humanly possible that will benefit from your burns. Not doing so would result in an overall DPS loss. For those of you out there unfamiliar with the way we parse our DPS, most of us use Gamparse which is another third party program for Everquest.


<Hopefully I will add some math to this page later - I am too busy to spend hours of individual attention on a guide like this - in the mean time until i can parse it and screenshot math all I can suggest is you do it if you disbelieve me and want to use Banestrike> Comment to remind me if you read this sometime after 3/22/18













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