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The Fabled Thaumaturgist
Loot: Fabled Dagger of Marnek


The Fabled Kizdean Gix
Loot: Fabled Thex Mallet

East Karana

The Fabled Proon
Loot: Fabled Lambent Vambracers

Everfrost Peaks

The Fabled Karg Icebear
Loot: Fabled Gigantic Zweihander

Gorge of King Xorbb

The Fabled Evil Eye
Loot: Fabled Polished Bone Bracelet
Loot: Fabled Slime Crystal Staff

The Fabled King Xorbb
Loot: Fabled Slime Crystal Staff

Highpass Hold

The Fabled Grenix Mucktail
Loot: Fabled Polished Granite Tomahawk

Lake Rathetear

The Fabled Webclaw Murkwave
Loot: Fabled Water Crystal Staff

Lower Guk

The Fabled Evil Eye
Loot: Fabled Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye

The Fabled Frenzied Ghoul
Loot: Fabled Flowing Black Silk Sash

The Fabled Froglok Noble
Loot: Fabled White Gold Necklace

The Fabled Ghoul Assassin
Loot: Fabled Serrated Bone Dirk

The Fabled Ghoul Cavalier
Loot: Fabled Dark Reaver

The Fabled Ghoul Executioner
Loot: Fabled Executioner's Axe

The Fabled Ghoul Lord
Loot: Fabled Short Sword of Ykesha

Misty Thicket

The Fabled Mooto
Loot: Fabled Cloth Cap

Mountains of Rathe

The Fabled Mortificator Syythrak
Loot: Fabled Syythrak Hide Vest

Nagafen's Lair

The Fabled Death Beetle
Loot: Fabled Black Chitin Leggings

The Fabled Efreeti Lord Djarn
Loot: Fabled Golden Efreeti Boots

The Fabled King Tranix
Loot: Fabled Crown of King Tranix

The Fabled Kobold Champion
Loot: Fabled Shield of the Slain Unicorn

The Fabled Kobold Noble
Loot: Fabled Staff of Writhing

The Fabled Kobold Priest
Loot: Fabled Mithril Breastplate

The Fabled Magus Rokyl
Loot: Fabled Rokyls Channelling Crystal

The Fabled Solusek Kobold King
Loot: Fabled Runed Mithril Bracer

The Fabled Warlord Skarlon
Loot: Fabled Razing Sword of Skarlon


The Fabled Drelzna
Loot: Fabled Journeyman's Boots

The Fabled Najena
Loot: Fabled Flowing Black Robe

North Ro

The Fabled Rahotep
Loot: Fabled Scepter of Rahotep

Ocean of Tears

The Fabled Allizewsaur
Loot: Fabled Blue Diamond

The Fabled Ancient Cyclops
Loot: Fabled Ring of the Ancients

Permafrost Keep

The Fabled Goblin Preacher
Loot: Fabled Runed Circlet

The Fabled King Thex'Ka IV
Loot: Fabled White Wolf-hide Cloak

Qeynos Hills

The Fabled Pyzjn
Loot: Fabled Glowing Black Stone

Solusek A

The Fabled CWG Model EXG
Loot: Fabled Charred Guardian Shield

The Fabled Gabbie Mardoddle
Loot: Fabled Molten Cloak

South Karana

The Fabled Coloth Meadowgreen
Loot: Fabled Runed Oak Bow

The Fabled Grizzleknot
Loot: Fabled Treant Staff

The Fabled Ishva Mal
Loot: Fabled Robe of the Ishva

The Fabled Quillmane
Loot: Fabled Pegasus Feather Cloak

South Ro

The Fabled Ancient Cyclops
Loot: Fabled Ring of the Ancients

The Fabled Lockjaw
Loot: Fabled Glowing Wooden Crook

The Fabled Terrorantula
Loot: Fabled Gargantuan Terrorantula Leg

Upper Guk

The Fabled Froglok Shin Lord
Loot: Fabled Ghoulbane

West Karana

The Fabled Chief Goonda
Loot: Fabled Batskull Earring





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