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OoT Cyclops Farming Location


           The cyclops in Ocean of Tears are possibly my favorite camp in all of Classic; they're great for groups, solo players and boxers. These cyclops as well as the nearby Hill Giant, Gornit, can offer you arguably the most raw plat per hours that there is in Classic EQ. Due to this these guys are usually way overcamped - depending on the population of your server will usually determine how many people you run into here.

           One of the biggest bonuses for hunting here is the named Ancient Cyclops. He drops an item, Ring of the Ancients, which is use in the SoW Boots (Journeyman's Boots) quest. You can loot the item yourself and sell an MQ for the quest or you can auction the item off and sell loot rights. That is, if you don't plan to use the ring yourself.

           There is also another named nearby, a small little Halfling who drops Bracers of Erollsi. His name is Captain Surestout and he can be found along the upper "islands" of the cyclops isle. There is also a very easy to kill Hill Giant on this island called Gornit. He drops an assortment of different types of giant toes and also is a pinata of platinum like all hill giants are.


















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