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Everquest Farming Guide

I have decided to lock the Everquest Farming Guide behind a donation only paywall since Almar's Guides doesn't run a Premium Service of any kind & I am not rich. This Farming Guide contains information for every expansion pack from Omens of War to Ring of Scale which means that TLP players as well as Live will benefit from the information in the guide.

Since this guide is locked behind a paywall, it'll increase the value of the information within it as well. The locations mentioned in the guide shouldn't end up over farmed as they sometimes do with publicly shared information. This will hopefully increase the value of the guide for all those who donate and guarantee that you'll not only make back the amount you donated - but double or triple your investment!

You can donate to me one of two ways, you can send me a direct donation via Paypal (the Paypal button is found on the right hand side of my website) and wait for me to send you a link to the EQ Farming Guide... OR you can go to my Patreon Account and donate there. A donation through Patreon will get you the guide almost instantly instead of having to wait for me to send it to you. Also, another bonus of supporting me on Patreon is when I release updates for the Farming Guide they'll be shared there & you'll be able to participate in any contests I decided to do in the future.

EQ Farming Guide
Sneak peak of my 91 - 105 Farming Guide Section!

If you choose to donate through Patreon just 1$/mo gets you full access to my EQ Farming Guide. Paypal direct donations I ask that you make them at least 2$ due to the fact that paypal steals a large portion of your donation if it's under 2$.

I'm not asking for much, but please keep in mind that 99.8% of the information on this website is completely free of charge and as you could very well imagine, these guides all take me an extraordinary amount of time to put together. Almar's Guides is based on old technology (I run Cold Fusion on this website) which dramatically increases my cost of hosting fees & other website fees. I haven't had time to switch to Wordpress or HTML since life has had me too busy.

The reason I am bringing this up is because I want you to remember that what I am asking for, for this guide is a donation. It's people that donate that keep this website running and allow these guides, after a decade of being online, to continuously be free of charge. Without donations, sadly, this website would have 404'd many years ago.

One more time Here's a list of the different ways to donate!

Almar's Guides Patreon

Paypal Donation (Or right hand side of my website click Donate)


Typically I will email you a link to the guide the same day you donate via Paypal, it's very rare that it'll take me more than 24hrs to send you the link after your donation.







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