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Wizard Epic 1.0 Guide

Solomen's Quest
1. Speak to Solomen in the Temple of Ro. Receive a note for Camin Rah.
2. Go to Erudin and Camin in the Vasty Deep Inn. Give him the note and hail him. He will request 1000pp. Get info on Arantir Karondor.
3. Travel to Halas and buy a Ro's Breath from Dargon for about 1000pp. Return to Camin and hand him the potion. Receive New Potion.
4. Back to Halas, give the New Potion back to Dargon. She will turn into Arantir Karondor. Receive note and ring to Challice.
5. In the Felwithe paly guild give the ring to Challice. Get ring back and some dialogue.
6. Head back to Halas, hand the new ring to Dargon, Arantir will spawn. Get info on the other 3 Wizards. Receive note for Kandin Firepot.

The Staves
7. From Phinagel Atropos in Kedge Keep get a Blue Crystal Staff.
8. From Venril Sathir get Gnarled Staff.
9. From Kandin Firepot Quest get Staff of Gabstik.

Kandin's Quest
10. Go to Butcherblock and hail Kandin. Chat and receive Spare Gear.
11. In the Plane of Fear there is a Broken Golem. Hand him the Gear and then deal with him. Get Green Oil.
12. Go back to Butcherblock and give the Green Oil to Kandin. He will give a note and a Staff of Gabstik for Arantir

Finishing Up
13. Make one last trip to Halas, hand the note to Dargon to spawn Arantir again. Hand him all 3 Staff's to get the Pack to give to Solomen.
14. Go back to Solomen in the Temple of Ro and hand him the Pack. He will then give you the Staff of the Four