Warrior Epic 1.0 Guide

Red Scabbard

( ) Get Note from Kargek Redblade in East Freeport.
( ) Give note to Oknoggin Stonesmasher in Feerott and receive the Tiny Lute.
( ) Give Tiny Lute to Kargek and receive book.
( ) Give book to Tenal Redblade in East Karana and receive Totem of Freezing War.
( ) Go to Permafrost and kill ice goblin wizards to get a Heart of Frost.
( ) Give Heart of Frost and Totem of Freezing War to Tenal and receive a Totem of Fiery War.
( ) Kill Ragefire/Nagafen/Nortlav/Talendor to receive a Red Dragon Scales.
( ) Kill Severilous to receive a Green Dragon Scales.
( ) Go to Plane of Hate to get a Hand of the Maestro from the Maestro/Cursed hand of Maestro.
( ) Hand in the Red Dragon Scales, Green Dragon Scales, and the Totem of Fiery War to Tenal to receive the Mark of the Sword.
( ) Go to Plane of Sky to hunt the Spiroc Lord on the 5th isle for the Spiroc Wingblade.
( ) Hand in the Mark of the Sword and the Spiroc Wingblade to Tenal to receive the Red Scabbard.

Ancient Sword Blade
( ) Go to Permafrost and hunt the Ice Giants for a Block of Permafrost.
( ) Buy a Keg of Vox Tail Ale (sold in EFP Port Authority in E. Freeport).
( ) Buy 2 Rebreathers.
( ) Hand off these items to Denken Strongpick (Aviak Island in Ocean of Tears) to receive first blade.

Ancient Blade
( ) Kill the Queen of Chardok to receive the second blade.

Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt
( ) Go to the Aviak Tower in Lake Rathetear , swim to the bottom on under the tower to receive the Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt.
( ) Get a Black Sapphire.
( ) Get a Jacinth.
( ) Get a Diamond.
( ) Hand all these items to Wenden Blackhammer to receive the Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt.

Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt
( ) Get the Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt in Timorous Deep on the chessboard island next to the king chess piece.
( ) Go to Plane of Fear and kill any of the golems to receive a Ball of Everliving Golem.
( ) Go to Dreadlands to kill a Mountain Giant Patriarch for a Giant Monocle
( ) Give monocle to Mentrax Mountainbane in Frontier Mountain and receive a block of Rejesiam Ore
( ) Give ore, ball and damaged hilt to Wenden Blackhammer in East Freeport to receive the Finely Crafted Dragon Hilt

( ) Combine the sword pieces in the scabbard to create your weapons