Shadowknight Epic 1.0 Checklist

[ ] The Letter to Duriek
( ) Hail Kurron Ni in Overthere Outpost
( ) Give Kurron Ni Darkforge Breastplate, Grieves, Helm and 900 Platinum.
( ) Kill Kill Kurron Ni and Loot the Letter to Duriek

[ ] The Dusty Tome
( ) Give the letter to Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel
( ) Hail Smaka in Neriak Foreign Quarter
( ) Give Smaka 1000 Platinum for a Cough Elixir
( ) Give the Cough Elixir to Duriek
( ) Kill a ratman guard and loot a Dusty Tome
( ) Give the Dusty Tome to Duriek

[ ] The Corrupted Ghoulbane
( ) Kill the Froglok Shin Lord in Ruins of Upper Guk and loot The Ghoulbane
( ) Kill Cazic-Thule and Loot The Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood
( ) Kill monsters in Plane of Sky for the Blade of Abrogation
( ) Hail Teydar in the Queynos Aqueduct System
( ) Kill Rharzar in Rathe Mountains for a Drake Spine
( ) Kill ashebone drakes in Plane of Hate for a Decrepit Hide
( ) Get a bar of Enchanted Platinum
( ) Give the Drake Spine, Decrepit Hide and Bar of Enchanted Platinum to Teydar for a Decrepit Sheath
( ) Give the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation and the Decrepit Sheath to Duriek for the Corrupted Ghoulbane.

[ ] The Dark Shroud
( ) Hail Lhranc in the City of Mist
( ) Hail Hnarthenne Skurl in Toxxulia Forest and get a Soulcase
( ) Hail Marl Kastane in Kerra Isle and get a Seal of Kastane
( ) Hail Gerot Kastane in Paineel and get the Note to Marl
( ) Give the Note to Marl to Marl Kastane
( ) Hail Caradon in a jail cell in the Hole
( ) Gather a Cell Key from "a chest" in the city area of the Hole
( ) Give the Cell Key to Caradon
( ) Kill Kyrenna and Caradon and Loot Blood of Kyrenna and Heart of Kyrenna
( ) Give the Blook of Kyrenna to Marl Kastane and receive the Dark Shroud

[ ] Lhranc's Coin
( ) Give the Dark Shroud to the Ghost of Glohnor
( ) Kill Mummy of Glohnor and loot the Head of Ghlonor and the mummy wrappings
( ) Give the Head of Ghlonor to Gerot Kastane and receive the Head of the Valiant
( ) Give the mummy wrappings to Marl Kastane and receive the Will of Innoruuk
( ) Combine the Heart of Kryenna with the Soulcase to produce the Heard of the Innocent
( ) Give the Ghoulbane, the Heart of the Innocent, the Head of the Valiant and the Will of Innoruuk to Lhranc and receive Lhranc's Coin
( ) Kill Lhranc, Marl Kastane Spawns

[ ] Innoruuk's Curse!!
( ) Give Lhranc's Coin to Marl and receive Innoruuk's Curse