The Jagged Diamond Dagger - Rogue Epic 1.0

( ) Talk to Malka Rale in the Qeynos Aquaducts, receive Stanos' Pack
( ) Find Founy Jestands in North Kaladim and pickpocket Stained Parchment Top
( ) Find Tani N'Mar in Neriak 3rd Gate and pickpocket Stained Parchment Bottom
( ) Locate or spawn Stanos (see walkthrough for details) and hand him the two parts of the parchment, receive Combined Parchment.
( ) Locate Eldreth in Lake Rathe. Give him the Combined Parchment, 100pp and two bottles of milk, receive a Scribbled Note.
( ) Pick up the Book of Souls in the Plane of Hate on the Maestro of Rancor's nightstand.
( ) Go to Steamfont and find Yendar Starpyre. Give him the Scribbled Parchment, receive Tattered Parchment.
( ) He despawns, when he respawns, hand him the Tattered Parchment and the Book of Souls. This spawns Renux. Kill her and loot the Jagged Diamond Dagger and Translated Parchment.

General's Pouch

( ) Go back to Highpass Hold and give Stanos the Translated Parchment, recieve a Sealed Box.
( ) Spawn the General at night with the sealed box. Kill General V'Ghera in Kithicor, loot the General's Pouch.

Cazic's Quill (Subquest)

( ) In Kedge Keep, kill Phinigel Autropos until you get the Robe of the Kedge. (rare drop)
( ) In Splitpaw, kill Ishva Mal and loot the Robe of the Ishva.
( ) in Lower Guk, kill the Ghoul Archmagus until you can loot a Shiny Metallic Robe (rare spawn, rare drop)
( ) In Ocean of Tears, kill the Oracle, loot the Robe of the Oracle.
( ) Find Vilinus the Small in West Karana (see walkthrough for spawning tips). Turn in the 4 robes to him, receive Cazic's Quill.


( ) Turn in the General's Pouch, Cazic's Quill and the Jagged Diamond Dagger to Stanos, receive Ragebringer!