Swiftwind and Earthcaller Epic 1.0 Checklist

[_] Speak with Telin Darkforest and recieve Worn note
[_] Spawn Faelin Bloodbriar and give her worn Note recieving her ring
[_] Find Giz X'Tin and give him Faelin's Ring, he gives you a Dark Metal Coin
[_] Give Dark metal coin to Telin Darkforest, he gives it back
[_] Find Arch Druid Althele, give her coin..., The Druid will tell youto find Sionae who will show up on track and give you a Braided GrassAmulet.
[_] Give Sionae Braided Grass Amulet, Amulet is returned
[_] Give Nuien Braided Grass Amulet, Amulet is returned
[_] Give Teloa Braided Grass Amulet
[_] kill all 3 dark elves and Althele will give you a Earth Stained Note
[_] Give Ella Foodcrafter the Earth Stained Note to Ella Foodcrafter and recieve a Shiny Tin Bowl
[_] Chilled Tundra Root
[_] Ripened Heartfruit
[_] Speckled Molded Mushroom
[_] Sweetened Mudroot
[_] Combine 4 items and make Hardened Mixture
[_] Talk to Alrik Farsight and recieve a crushed pot
[_] Give Farios Elianos the pot and recieve a Grocery List
[_] Give Merchant Nora Grocery List and recieve Bag of Provisions
[_] Give Bag of Provisions to Farios Elianos and recieve Reciept
[_] Give reciept to Alrik Farsight and recieve a Ancient
[_] forage a "Rose of Firona
[_] hail Merdan Fleetfoot, ask him "who is niera?, hand him the rose...recieving a wood painting
[_] Track down a human skeleton, give wood painting, recieve silver chained locket
[_]give Neara Farbreeze silver chained locket, recieving platinum speckled powder
[_] Speak to Kinlo Strongarm
[_] Slay Black Reavers and loot a jade
[_] Speak to Kinlo Strongarm and give him Jade Reaver,
[_] Combine Ancient Pattern, Platinum Speckled Powder, and Enchanted Clay creating Runecrested Bowl
[_] Give mixture and RC Bowl to Ella Foodcrafter recieving softly glowing stone
[_] Speak to Foloal Stormforest
[_] spawn and slay the live Venril Sathir and loot a Pulsing Green Stone
[_] GiveFoloal Stormforest softly glowing stone and pulsing green stone,recieving a Warmly Glowing Stone
[_] Give Telin Darkforest Warmly Glowing Stone recieving a Ancient
[_] Speak to Kinlo Strongarm
[_] Give Jaeil the Wretched the shiny tin bowl spawning Jaeil the insane and slay him. recieving a Soulbound hammer.
[_] Give Kinlo Strongarm the Soulbound hammer, gives it back
[_] Speak to Mairee Silentone then give her a Soulbound hammer, recieving a Dwarven Smiths Hammer
[_] Slay a Essese Tamer and loot a Swirlling Sphere of Color
[_] Give Mairee Silentone the Dwarven smithing hammer and Swirlling Sphere of Color recieving Hammer of the Ancients.
[_] Give Kinlo Strongarm Hammer of the Ancients which spawns Usbak the Old who gives you a small bit of mithril ore
[_] Hail old Usbak, give Anicent Longsword recieve Refined Ancient Longsword
[_] Give Kinlo Strongarm the bit of mithril ore, recieving refined Mithril Blade
[_] Give Telin Darkforest Refined Ancient Sword...spawning FaelinBloodbriar, give her Refined Ancient Sword recieving Swiftwind
[_] Loot Emerald of Corruption
[_] Give Xanuusus Emerald of Corruption and Refined Mithril Blade recieving Earthcaller