Magician 1.0 Epic Quest

Magician Epic 1.0 Checklist
[ ] Prelude (Optional)
( ) Go find Rykas in Lake Rathetear. Receive Token of Mastery.
( ) Take the Token to Johsohn Aksot in West Commonlands. Words of Magi'Kot
( ) Kill an enraged dread wolf in Kithicor Forest. Loot Torn page of Magi'kot pg. 1.
( ) Kill Tentacle Terrors in the Estate of Unrest. Loot Torn page of Magi'kot pg. 2.
( ) Kill a Bloodthirsty Ghoul in Lower Guk. Loot Torn page of Magi'kot pg. 3.
( ) Take them to Johsohn Aksot. Receive Words of Magi'Kot.

[ ] Power of the Elements
( ) Kill a Gypsy Dancer in Mistmoore. Loot the Power of Wind.
( ) Kill Blazing Elemental in Solusek's Eye. Loot the Power of Fire.
( ) Kill Famished Ravener in Kaesora. Loot the Power of Water
( ) Kill Faerie Guards in Lesser Faydark. Loot Power of Earth.
( ) Give these to Walnan in the Butcherblock Mountains. Receive the Power of the Elements.

[ ] Words of Mastery
( ) Kill Magicians and goblin magicians in Najena until you have the Torn Words of Mastery Earth, Torn Words of Mastery Fire, Torn Words of Mastery Water, and Torn Words of Mastery Wind.
( ) Give the words to Akksstaff in Najena. Receive the Words of Mastery. Power of the Orb
( ) Go back to Rykas in Lake Rathetear. Give him the Words of Magi'kot, the Power of the Elements, and the Words of Mastery. Receive the Power of the Orb.

[ ]Element of Fire
( ) Kill Neh'Ashirr in the City of Mist. Loot the Torch of Elements.
( ) Kill Nezekenza, Phurzikon, and Glyton in the Burning Woods. Loot Burning Embers.
( ) Kill Undertow in Kedge Keep. Loot the Blazing Wand.
( ) Take these items and the Power of the Orb to Jennus Lyklobar in Skyfire Mountains. Receive the Element of Fire.

[ ] Element of Earth
( ) Kill Magi P'Tasa or male forsaken revenants in the Plane of Hate. Loot the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth.
( ) Kill Slixin Klex in the Burning Wood. Loot Dirt of Underfoot.
( ) Quest for Shovel of Ponz and the Broom of Trilon.
( ) Bring these all to Tiblner Milnik in Firiona Vie. Receive Element of Earth.

[ ] Element of Water
( ) Kill Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. Loot Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water.
( ) Kill Captain Rottgrime in the Overthere. Loot Tears of Erolisi.
( ) Kill Trabul Earthstrider in East Karana. Loot the Rain of Karana.
( ) Takes the three items to Jinalis Andir in Dagnor’s Cauldron and receive the Element of Water.

[ ] Element of Wind
( ) Kill mobs on the 7th island on the Plane of Air. Loot the Crown of Elemental Mastery.
( ) Kill mobs in the Hole. Loot the Elemental Binder.
( ) Kill Quillmane in South Karana. Loot the Pegasus Cloak.
( ) Give these items to Kihun Solstin in the Plane of Air and receive the Element of Wind.

[ ] Spell: Summon Orb !!
( ) Go to the Master of Elements and give him the four Elements. Receive Spell: Summon Orb. If Master of Elements isn't spawned, Hail Kihun Solstin and say "I want to see the master."
( ) Scribe your spell and summon the Orb of Mastery!













Guide currently abandoned, but it covers a lot of the epic.

The first place you need to go is Lake Rathe. To get to Lake Rathe take the Arena stone from PoK to The Arena. From the Arena head to Lake Rathe. In Lake Rathe you'll be looking for a Gnome nammed Rykas. He is on the southwestern island of Lake Rathe.

You have to hail him and complete his dialogue. He will give you a token that needs to be brought to Jahsohn Aksot in The Commonlands. To get to The Commonlands take the Freeport stone from PoK to West Freeport. From here head West to The Commonlands. Jahsohn Aksot walks along the road on the far western side of the zone.

Once you find him hail him and hand him the Token of Mastery. He will turn and respond to you, complete the dialogue and you will be told of your next task. You need to collect the following items from around the world.

Page 1 can be found from the Enraged Dread Wolf. He only spawns at night. To get to Kithicor you only need to run north from Jahsohn Aksot.

They can be found all over the forest. Just make sure you kill a enraged one, and not a normal one. It really doesn't matter if you harm a normal one, it actually may cause a enraged one to spawn in its place in a little bit, but it is a waste of time.

Page 2 can be found from Tentacle Horrors and Dark Terrors found in the basement of the Estate of Unrest. To get to Unrest take the Kaladim stone from PoK to Butcherblock Mountains. Once you're in Butcherblock you have to head south to Dagnor's Cauldron. Once you're in Dagnor's Cauldron you need to head east across the zone to Unrest.

Once you're in Unrest it may be a tad tricky to find the basement, on the first floor you'll find a Bookcase that you can open in one of the side rooms. Open that and run through down into the basement. Now that you're in the basement, listen up. When you run down the first flight of stairs run up the second flight of stairs that are right in front of you, you'll go through a wall. Keep following this path until you run into the mobs you need.

Page 3 can be found in Lower Guk from Bloodthirsty Ghouls and Frienzied Ghouls. To get to Lower Guk from PoK take the Gukta stone (on the evil side) to Innothule Swamp. Once you're in Innothule Swamp head east to Upper Guk. Once you're in Upper Guk you'll need to make your way to Lower Guk.

The Ghouls you need can be found on the eastern portion of the zone, its marked on the map. It may take you awhile to get here, since the zone is rather confusing but eventually you will make it here. As far as I know it is a 100% chance to drop.

Now you need to return to Jahsohn Aksot in The Commonlands and turn in all 3 of the pages you just found. He will give you the Words of the Magi'kot. Now you need to go back to Butcherblock with these and find Walnan, a female High Elf that walks around near the Docks or on the path leading to the docks.

Complete the Dialogue for her and now it's time to collect four more items! First up head to Lesser Faydark. To get to Lfay return to PoK and take the Felwithe Stone to Gfay. From Gfay head to Lfay.

The Power of Earth: You need to find a Fairy Guard in Lesser Faydark. The Fairy Guard's can be found in the upper left hand corner of the zone, where your map says Faerie.

Kill the Fairy's until you get your Power of Earth, then turn around and head south to Castle Mistmoore.

The Power of Wind: Inside the Castle of Mistmoore (Itself) you will need to find and kill a gypsy dancer and loot The Power of Wind.

You can find the gypsy dancers inside of the Castle. You're high enough level to plow through everything in here so don't worry too much about dieing. Just don't kamikaze the whole castle at once.

The Power of Water: You will need to head to Kaesora to find this one. To get to Kaesora return to PoK and take the Cabilis stone to the Field of Bone. Once you're in the Field of Bone head northeast to Kaesora.

You can find the Ravener's through out Kaesora, its pretty slim pickings, just keep on looking.

The Power of Fire: This one is located in Sol A, which is a dungeon off the zone of Lavastorm. The fastest way to get here is by taking the Neriak portal from PoK.

The elementals can be found in the northern portion of the zone. Look at my map above, to get a round about idea of where you need to be.

Once you have all 4 powers it is time for you to return to Walnan and turn all of them in. In return she will give you Power of the Elements. After you've recieved the Power of the Elements you must return to Lavastorm, this time you will be entering Najena.

Inside Najena you'll want to be looking for Akksstaff. He can be found in the northeastern portion of Najena. Hail him and follow his dialogue for the next part.

You will need to kill Goblin Mages and Dark Elf Mages inside Najena until you get all four pieces.

Once you have all 4 pieces return to Akksstaff and turn them all in. He will give you the completed Words of Mastery. With these in hand head back to Rykas in Lake Rathe and give him the items you have so far, Words of Magi'kot, Power of the Elements and Words of Mastery. In return you will recieve Power of the Orb.

When you inspect it, it will tell you to find The Master of Fire. The Master of Fire is Jennus Lyklobar in Skyfire Mountains. The fastest way to get to Skyfire Mountains is from the Overthere stone in PoK.


After you hail him and complete the dialogue you'll be informed of the next items you must find. First up head south in Skyfire Mountains to Burning Woods.

Burning Embers: You will need to kill one of the nammed wurms in Burning Woods to get the Burning Embers. The nammed Wurms are Phurzikon, Nezekezena and Gylton.

They can most commonly be found around the central portion of the zone. It is recommended that you have a tracker. You can also find Slixin Klex in this zone. He is near the red O in the southeastern portion of your map. I recommend killing him every time you're nearby since he drops a piece you need for your epic later. If you're still having trouble, this is the area I normally run around in;

Be sure to kill every single mob, because anything can be a place holder.

Torch of the Elements: The Torch of Elements can be found in City of Mist. It drops off a rare nammed, nammed Neh'Ashiir. When you kill a Black Reaver this mob will pop out.



20min spawn