Enchanter Epic 1.0 Checklist

[ ] Copy of Notes
( ) Hail Stofo Olan in Erudin
( ) Hail Reania Jukle in Qeynos and receive an Empty Ink Vial
( ) Charm the Ghoul Scribe in Lower Guk and give him the vial to receive Ink of the Dark
( ) Give Rilgor Plegnog in Akanon a Shiny Metallic Robe and receive A Mechanical Pen
( ) Give Chrislin Baker in West Karana paper and a quill from Queynos to receive a Bandit Sash (and a hug!) and to spawn Thracken Griften
Kill Thracken Griften and Loot a White Paper
( ) Give Stofo the Ink of the Dark, the Mechanical Pen and the White Paper to receive the Copy of Notes

[ ] Jeb Lurnsed
( ) Say "Are you Jeb Lurnsed" to the Sarnak Imitators in Burning Woods until you find the right one.
( ) Give Jeb the Copy of Notes to receive Jeb's Seal
( ) Ask Jeb for a sack to receive an Enchanter's Sack

[ ] Test of Illusions
( ) Hail Modani Qu'Loni in The Overthere, he is in the form of a Scorpis
( ) Give Modani Jeb's Seal
( ) Hail Joren Nobleheart in Chardok
( ) Kill Prince Selrach Di'zok and Loot Head of a Prince
( ) Give Head of a Prince to Joren to receive the Chalice of Kings
( ) Kill Vessel Drozlin in East Cabilis
( ) Loot the Xolion Rod
( ) Give Bozlum Blossom in Oggok a pair of Large Muddy Sandals and receive a Scribbled Parchment
( ) Give the Scribbled Parchment to Brokk Boxtripper and receive a Gift to Bozlum
( ) Give the Gift to Bozlum and receig Slow Blossums
( ) Kill Verina Tomb in Neriak 3rd Gate and Loot Innoruuk's Word
( ) Combine the Chalice of Kings, the Xolion Rod, the Snow Blossums, and Innoruuk's Word and give the result to Modani Qu'Loni to recieve a piece of the Staff of the Shissar

[ ] Test of Enlightenment
( ) Hail Mizzle Gepple in Ak'Anon, he is in the form of Clockwork VIIX
( ) Kill Cazel in Oasis of Marr and Loot a Spoon
( ) Kill a Mesa in The Overthere and Loot The One Key
( ) Retrieve The Lost Scroll from behind a bed in the Crypt of Dalnir
( ) Retrieve The Book of Charm and Sacrifice from a table in the Plane of Sky
( ) Combine the Spoon, the One Key, the Lost Scroll and the Book of Charm and Sacrifice and give A Sack for Mizzle to ClockworkVIIX to receive the Second Piece of Staff

[ ] Test of Charm
( ) Hail Nadia Starfeast in Firiona Vie and receive an Enchanter's Bag
( ) Retrieve a Diamond, a Sapphire, a Ruby, and an Emerald from Nadia
( ) Charm the Spectral Librarian in Kaesora and Give him the Diamond for his Essence
( ) Charm Felia Goldenwing in Skyfire and Give her the Sapphire for her Essence
( ) Charm the Wraith of Jaxion in the City of Mist and Give him the Ruby for his Essence
( ) Charm Impaler Tzilug in The Overthere and Give him the Emerald for his Essence
( ) Combine the Essences in the Bag and give it to Nadia to receive the Third Piece of the Staff

[ ] Test of Phantasm
( ) Hail Polzin Mrid in The Hole and Give him Jeb's Seal
( ) Kill the Wraith of the Shissar in Plane of Fear and Loot the Head of a Serpent
( ) Kill Kindle's Ghost in the Hole and Loot the Essence of a Ghost
( ) Kill Forsaken Revenants in Plane of Hate and Loot Essence of a Vampire
( ) Kill The Tangrin in Field of Bone and Loot the Sands of the Mystic
( ) combine the items in a sack and give them to Polzin to receive the Final Piece of the Staff

[ ] Staff of the Serpent!!
( ) Combine the Pieces of Staff to create A Bundle of Staves and give it to Jeb to receive the Staff of the Serpent