Druid Epic Checklist

The Start - Hardened Mixture
( ) Find Telin Darkforest in Burning Woods, get Worn Note( ) Give note to Faelin Bloodbriar in Greater Faydark for Faelins Ring

( ) Give ring to Giz X'Tin in Kithicor Forest, get Dark Metal Coin
( ) Give to Telin Darkforest, get Worn Dark Metal Coin
( ) Give coin to Athele in East Karana, get Braided Grass Amulet
( ) Give amulet to Sionae and get Frayed Braided Grass Amulet
( ) Give amulet to Nuien THEN to Teloa which spawns the Dark Elf Corruptor
( ) Kill Corruptor and get Fleshbound Tome
( ) Give tome to Athele, get Earth Stained Note
( ) Give note to Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket, get Shiny Tin Bowl
Combine foraged Frozen Tundra, Sweetened Mudroots, Speckled Mushrooms, and Heartfruit in bowl, get Hardened Mixture

Runecrested Bowl
( ) Get Crushed Pot from Alrik Farsight in Timorous Deep
( ) Give pot to Farios Elianos, get Grocery List
( ) Take list to Nora, get Bag of Provisions
( ) Give provisions to Farios, get Reciept
( ) Give reciept to Alrik Farsight in Timorous deep, get Ancient Pattern
( ) Forage Rose of Firona in Firiona Vie
( ) Give rose to Merdan in Surefall, get Wood Painting
( ) Give painting to human skeleton in Frontier Mountains, get Silver Chained Locket
( ) Give locket to Niera Farbreeze in Surefall Glade, get Platinum Speckled Powder
( ) Get Jade Reaver from City of Mist, give to Kinlo Strongarm in Kaladim to get Enchanted Clay
( ) Combine pattern, powder, and clay in pottery wheel to get Runecrested Bowl

The Stones - Elaborate Scimitar
( ) Give bowl and Mixture to Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket to get Softly Glowing Stone
( ) Kill Venril Sathir in Karnors Castle, get Pulsing Green Stone
( ) Give to Foloal in FV along with stone to get Warmly Glowing Stone
( ) Give stone to Ealla in Misty Thicket to get the Elaborate Scimitar

Cleansed Spirit of Antonica
( ) Kill Corrupted Shaman in Lake Rathetear and get Clean Lakewater
( ) Kill Corrupted Wooly Mammoth Everfrost and get Chunk of Tundra
( ) Kill Corrupted Hill Giant in Rathe Mountains and get An Ancient Rock
( ) Give items to Xanuusus in North Karana, get Warm Pulsing Treant Heart
( ) Give heart to Yeka Las in South Karana to get Cleansed Spirit of Antonica

Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer
( ) Kill Corrupted Seahorse in Kedge Keep and get Kedge Cave Crystals
( ) Kill Corrupted Seafury Cyclops in Ocean of Tears and get Ocean of Tears Seavine
( ) Kill Corrupted Brownie in Lesser Faydark and get Green Heartwood Branch
( ) Give the three items to Pained Unicorn in Lesser Faydark and get Gleaming Unicorn Horn
( ) Give horn to Silox Azrix in Ak-Anon to get Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer

Cleansed Spirit of Kunark
( ) Kill Corrupted Gorilla in Emerald Jungle and get Green Tree Bark
( ) Kill Corrupted Barracuda in Lake of Ill Omen and get Pure Lake Water
( ) Kill Ulump Pujik in Swamp of No Hope, get Froglok Essence
( ) Give Dolgin Codslayer in Timorous Deep the essence to spawn Faydedar
( ) Kill Faydedar and get Pod of Seawater
( ) Give Essence, Bark, Lake Water, and Seawater to Nekexin Virulence in Overthere to get Cleansed Spirit of Kunark

The Home Stretch

( ) Give all cleansed Spirits and the Scimitar to Xanuusus in North Karana to get Nature Walker's Scimitar