Bard Epic Checklist

Talk to Baldric Slezaf in the Dreadlands at loc(773, 9666)

Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top
Talk to Konia Swiftfoot, receive Torch of Misty in West Karana inside Guard Tower at loc(-516, -2434)
Give the torch to Fajio Knejo, receive Torch of Ro in Misty Thicket at loc(-120, -54)
Give the torch to Andad Filla, receive Torch of Rathe in the Southern Desert of Ro at loc(-3032, 1216)
Give the torch to Misty Tekchita, receive Proof of Speed ring in Lake Rathe at loc(2419, 2583)
Give the ring to Konia Swiftfoot, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top

Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom
Talk to Serra, receive a Ripped Qeynos Bards Guild Flyer in Unrest at loc(679,-280)
Talk to Belious Naliedin in Qeynos Bards Guild
Talk to Braenar Swiftsong, receive Solusek Mining Company Invoice in South Karana at loc (-21, 88)
Give the invoice toMarfen Birkdirple, receive a Mechanical Doll to SolusekA at loc (-304, -1083)
Give the doll to Serra, receive the note to Baenar inUnrest
Give the note to Braenar, receive a Note to Maligar in SK
Give the note to Maligar after charm in West Karana at loc (1179, -10878) spawn is 30min
Kill Maligar's Enraged Doppleganger, loot Miligrs head
Give the head Braenar, recieve Mahlins mystical bongos
Give the Bongo's to Konia Swiftfoot, receive the Maestro's Symphony Page 24 bottom.

Maestro's Symphony Page 25
Talk to Kelkim Menkia in South Karana at loc (-236, -3662)
Kill Blackwing in Rathe Mountains, loot Huge onyx drake guts
Kill Nezekezena or Phurzicon in Burning Woods, loot Red wurm guts
Kill Eldrig the Old in Skyfire, loot Chromodrac guts
Give all the guts to Kelkim Menkia, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 25

Mystical Lute
Mystical Lute Head
Talk to Vedico Windwhisper in Butcherblock inside one of the shops at loc (1010, 3010)
Kill Quag Maeslstrom, loot Alluring Horn in the Ocean of Tears on the Seafury Cyclops island
Give Alluring Horn to Vedico Windwhisper, receive a Note to Forpar Fizfla
Give the note to Forpar, receive a Forpar's Note to Himself in Steamfont Mountains (use track)
Kill Phinigel Autropos's spine in Kedge Keep , loot Kedge Backbone
Kill an Amygdalan Warrior in Plane of Fear, loot Amygdalan Tendril
Kill a drolvarg Warlord in Karnor's Castle, loot Petrified werewolf skull
Give note, backbone, tendril and skull to Forpar, receive Mystical Lute Head

Mystical Lute Body
Kill a red dragon (Nagafen, Ragefire,Talendor,Nortlav Scalekeeper), loot red dragon scale
Kill a white dragon (Vox, Gorenaire), loot white dragon scale
Give the one metal bit (smithed), red scale and white scale to Forpar, receive Mystical Lute Body

Strings for the Lute
Talk to An Undead Bard, give Mystical Lute Body and kill
Kill copy of Trakanon to spawn by killed An Undead Bard, loot Undead Dragongut string

Give Mystical Lute Head, Mystical Lute Body and Undead Dragongut String to Forpar, receive the Mystical Lute

Singing Short Sword
Give Page 24 top, page 24 bottom, page 25 and Forpar's Lute to Baldric Slezaf, receive Singing Short Sword!!