Free to Play RoF Group Gear

The Free to play group gear in Rain of Fear comes from Fear Touched armor. These unmade pieces of armor come from Tier 1 RoF zones and are the only armor in RoF that isn't Prestige. Tier 2, 3 and 4 are all prestige. Also this armor is a huge upgrade over most of the stuff you can buy in The Bazaar at this level. This armor is really solid and should take you to 100 where there are 3 different choices for you unless you are Gold then you have unlimited choices.

In order to make the Rain of Fear group armor you'll want to head to Shard's Landing and speak with Master Armorer Synlaris to buy the Rust-tinged box of fear. Each class gets a different box to buy but for this armor you won't need the solvent that is also sold off of the NPC. That means each combine is free! Yay! Keep in mind too that even though you may be unable to buy the Boreal Armor in The Bazaar you can still purchase the unmade pieces, Fear Touched, in The Bazaar. Keep this in mind as there is a lot of unmade gear that gets sold in The Baz for low prices since people don't know what to search for.

And now of course are some examples of the armor you can make out of it! If you are having trouble viewing any of the pictures just click on them. I made them a bit smaller to help with formatting on these pages as just having a ton of giant images looks really sloppy!

Boreal Druid ArmsBoreal SK Hands

Boreal Greaves of HavokBoreal Cap of Compulsion