FTP CoTF Gear Guide

The Free to Play group gear in CoTF is called Latent Etheric gear and it is created by combining any unmade Latent Ether pieces of armor you come across in the Ethereal Attuner sold by Blacksmith Cerray in Ethernere - West Karana. Each class has a different attuner to buy and all it takes is you putting the armor in and hitting combine for you to get your armor. Since this is the first tier of the X-pac you don't need the solvent that is also on the vendor. Also, this is the third best FTP armor you can get in EQ. Trumped by TDS Castaway gear and furthermore by TBM named drops.

Of course though if you're on a TLP that is only on CoTF this is the best you can get. Below is a picture of two unmade pieces of Latent Ether so you can get an idea of what we're after!

Leggings of Latent EtherGloves of Latent Ether

And now of course are some examples of the armor you can make out of it! If you are having trouble viewing any of the pictures just click on them. I made them a bit smaller to help with formatting on these pages as just having a ton of giant images looks really sloppy!

Latent Etheric ArmorLatent Etheric Armor

Latent Etheric Breastplate of the RevenantLatent Etheric Greaves of the Light

Latent Etheric Robe of the Frozen FlameLatent Etheric Vambracers of Light

The Latent Ether you need can drop from any named in Tier 1 CoTF zones or it can also be purchased with Marks of Valor from the CoTF group currency merchant in Ethernere - West Karana.