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Veteran Hunter of The Empires of Kunark


 I am not entirely sure what type of guide I could put together for these slayer achievements. With Eqresource and/or Goodurden's Map Pack you can find all of the named enemies listed right on your map. If you're reading this and you have questions about this achievement please feel free to post them below and I will not only assist you with them, but they may give me an idea for a guide!

Alternatively, if you have any ideas of things I could incorporate into this achievement guide - leave me a comment below too!




Hardest Nameds:




Hunter of Chardok

Dread Overseer Akalod (Other's Things HA)

Royal Guard Kakator (On Behest of the Emperor HA)



Hunter of Kor-Sha Laboratory

Mad Researcher (Infiltration of Kor-Sha HA)

Rogue Monstrosity (Mysteries of Kor-Sha HA)