How to create Aviak Egg Oil

Aviak Egg Oil is made by combining Aviak Eggs and a Water Flask together into a Brewing Barrel. The Brewing Trivial for this combine is rather high, 102, so you might need to level Brewing a bit in order to successfully make the combine. There's quite a few vendor routes you can take with Brewing to raise your skill. For more information about that head over to my Classic EQ Brewing Guide.



Aviak Egg Oil (Trivial 102)

The Aviak Eggs are the difficult part of this recipe. Believe it or not they DON'T drop from the Aviaks in South Karana. You'll actually want to Forage in Butcherblock Mountains for these Aviak Eggs. Over the course of a few hours you'll get 20 - 60 of these.

1 Aviak Eggs

1 Water Flask