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How to create a Medium Clay Jar

           Medium Clay Jars are used to create a few different types of Dye that are used in Tradeskill recipes. They're made through a rather simple and straight forward Pottery combine. You'll also need to learn the Unfired Medium Jar recipe in order to reach 350 in Pottery.

           To get started you'll need to make an Unfired Medium Container. To do so you'll need to purchase three items from one of the Pottery Supplies vendors in your home town or in Plane of Knowledge.


Unfired Medium Container (Counts towards 350 Pottery)

All three of these items are vendor purchased and can be bought in Plane of Knowledge assuming the zone is live on your server. You may want to make more than 1 Medium Clay Jar as well since the Jar itself will be consumed when you do the final combine to get our Dye.

1 Block of Clay

1 Medium Jar Sketch

1 Water Flask


Medium Clay Jar (Counts towards 350 Pottery)

This is the easier of the two combines and instead of being done in the Pottery Wheel you'll whip this one together in the Kiln. As aforementioned I recommend you make a few of these since they're consumed on use.

1 Quality Firing Sheet

1 Unfired Medium Container







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