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How to create Yew Leaf Tannin

Yea Leaf Tannin is an item made through Brewing and used in two sets of Velious Tailoring Gear which come from Wakening Land; Black Pantherskin and Haze Panther. In order to make Yew Tannin you need to farm Yew Leaves which are Foraged in Wakening Lands or you can farm them as ground spawns throughout the zone.

It's much easier to Forage them than find them as ground drops. They're extremely small and hard to spot - plus Wakening Lands is a HUGE zone.



Yew Leaf TanninYew Leaf Tannin (68 Trivial)

Combine both of these items in a Brewing Barrel.

1 Water Flask

1 Yew Leaf



















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